3 Gifts For Woman Who Wants Nothing

Cat Playing with collar

What gift do you give to a woman who doesn’t want anything?

Giving a good gift isn’t always as simple as it seems. There’s plenty of challenges that come your way when you’re trying to give someone the best gift possible. One is the possibility that the recipient of your gift already has it, or that they won’t like it, or just won’t end up using it. Some people just don’t love receiving gifts in the first place. If you’re getting a gift for a woman who has let you know that she “doesn’t really want anything,” it can be difficult to find something that she will truly love. You don’t want to end up giving her something that will end up on a shelf, in a closet or in a donation bin at a local thrift store.

When someone tells you they don’t really want anything as a gift, it sometimes means that that person cares more about the heart behind a gift than the gift itself. This statement presents you with both a challenge and an opportunity: for the woman who doesn’t want anything, it’s up to you to find a gift that will mean a lot to her and bring her as much joy as possible!

At Crown & Paw, we know how special pets are to their owners. That’s why we think that pets make some of the best subject matter for a good gift, especially for someone who wants a gift with heart and soul, not just a handy gadget or a shelf-ready knick-knack. If you’re giving a gift to a woman who loves pets, factor her pets into your gift! These 5 ideas will help get you on the right track. 

1. Turn a photo of her dog or cat into a regal portrait

If you love and care about a woman who loves her pets, you end up loving them, too. Pets are huge parts of their owners’ lives. They’re irreplaceable and have huge personalities. A pet makes the perfect companion, loyal, loving and sweet. Even if a special woman in your life has let you know that she doesn’t want any gifts, if she has a pet you can count on her being very happy with something that honors the bond between her and her furry friend.

One of the best pet-themed gifts out there comes in the form of Crown & Paw’s renaissance-themed pet portraits. These beautifully painted renditions of a beloved pet’s likeness take the pet’s face and put it on the body of a classy, regal renaissance-era man or woman. The juxtaposition of animal head and human body is hilarious and adorable, and it makes for a work of art that’s perfect home decor.

Even when someone tells you they don’t want anything as a present, you can still make them feel special and cared about by centering the gift you give around something that is special to them. This is why pet portraits make the perfect gifts for a woman who wants nothing!

2. Getting a gift for a coffee fan? Grab a pet portrait mug 

Coffee (or tea) and pets are two of the best and most comforting things in life, and they go well together. Enjoying a nice hot drink with your cat purring in your lap or dog sitting at your side is an experience like no other. There is one thing that can take that experience to the next level, though – a pet portrait mug!

For the special woman in your life who loves coffee and loves her pets, you can pair the two with each other for the perfect gift. A mug is a perfect way to show off a pet’s charming, cute face, and it’s even sweeter on the body of a favorite fictional character or in another adorable costume. 

Crown & Paw’s pet portraits come in a wide variety of designs, meaning you can get a pet portrait mug that perfectly fits with the special lady you’re gifting it to. All you need to start out is a photo of her pet and a little bit of knowledge about what she loves. If she’s a big Harry Potter fan, figure out what her favorite Hogwarts house is, and then you’re off to a great start. Crown & Paw can take her pet’s likeness and pair it with an adorable costume for either Gryffinpaw, Slyfurrin, Hufflewoof, or Ravenpaw. 

3. Giving a gift to a lady who loves all things cozy? 

If you need a warm and fuzzy present for a woman in your life who loves to stay cozy, a soft blanket with a pet portrait printed on it is the perfect gift! Pet portraits can come big or small – it all depends on what they’re printed on. To guarantee that a special lady in your life stays warm and cozy this winter, a pet portrait blanket makes an ideal present. 

High quality, lightweight and ultra portable, Crown & Paw’s pet portrait blankets might be nifty, but they’re meaningful, too. For many pet lovers, their furry friend is a reminder of all things comfortable and homey. The pet portrait blanket is light enough to take on a trip, and serves as a comforting reminder that home is waiting for them when they return. And for a pet owner, coming home means lots and lots of cuddles with their favorite furry friend!

4. Pair a pet portrait with a thoughtful card for some extra points 

When you want to let someone know that you love them, gifts are always a great idea. However, a gift on its own isn’t nearly as meaningful as it would be with a thoughtful card added on. For a woman who tells you she doesn’t want anything, one thing you can be sure of is that she’ll definitely appreciate you telling her how much she means to you.

No matter the occasion, it’s always a good time to be encouraging and affirming to the people in your life. This encouragement can come in the form of a sweet and meaningful gift, but it’s also a great idea to say it with words when you can. If you’re giving a pet portrait to a special woman in your life, pair it with a sweet card written by hand. For some extra cuteness, add some sweet pet-themed wordplay (“You’re purrfect for me!”). Even if it seems a little cheesy, it’s super sweet and sure to make someone special in your life smile.

Regardless of what gift you choose to give to a special woman in your life, remember that the most important thing when giving a gift is the heart behind it. Kindness and generosity are two things the world needs more of, and a good third thing to add to that list would, of course, be pets. At Crown & Paw, we believe that the world becomes a better place when you show love to the people around you by giving them a little bit of pet-themed happiness.

So, what are you waiting for? You can’t use the excuse anymore that that special lady in your life “doesn’t want anything.” With what you’ve learned from this handy list in mind, there’s plenty of ways to make her feel loved and cared about with a thoughtful gift. And, of course, one of the best ways is to include her sweet pets. They’ve got a special place in her heart, and they make the perfect basis for a thoughtful gift.