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Custom Loungewear

The perfect gift for a dog lover or pet owner: Pet art from your photos! Your design will be ready to review and approve within 1-2 days of placing your order.


Comfy, Cute, and Customizable: Design Your Dog-Inspired Sweatshirt

Ready to explore our latest release? Check out the custom pet sweatshirt collection! Our trendy and cozy custom dog sweatshirts are loved by thousands of people around the world!

We offer custom embroidered pet sweatshirts, a perfect blend of fashion and function. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a vibrant expression of your pet's spirit, the options are endless! Made from premium-quality, soft materials, our custom pet sweatshirts are a stylish addition to your wardrobe and a great way to show your love for your four-legged companion.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you design portraits by hand or do you just use AI and filters?
Can you print more than one pet in a portrait?
Do you do human portraits?
Does it matter what's in the background of my photo?
How do you produce your artwork?
Can I see the artwork before it gets printed?
Can I change the background colour of my canvas?
What if my photo is in black and white?
What are the best dog gifts you offer?
Can I give this as a personalized gift?
Can I personalized this gift with my pet's name?