6 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Pet Parent


When it comes to gift giving, there is always the added pressure to give a gift that is not only exciting but also “perfect” for the person you’re giving it to. While most of that pressure is self-imposed, and people are just excited that you thought of them in the first place, we’re here to help reduce some of that anxiety. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the most amazing gift ideas that you can give to any pet parent. We’re positive that you’ll find an idea for any pet lover on your list, and gift options that are perfect for any budget.

Custom Pet Paintings

For those art loving pet parents in your life, custom renaissance pet paintings make the perfect gift. Not only do they have huge potential to elicit gasps and even tears from the person you’re giving it to, they have a large amount of customization potential that allows them to be created as a unique, one of a kind art piece.

All you need to have a custom pet painting created is a good quality picture of the pet (Crown & Paw recommends the photo be shot at the pet’s eye level, in as natural lighting as possible, with the pet looking away from the camera but with their head still entirely in the shot) and an idea of what the pet owner is interested in. Simply send in their headshot, choose the outfit, and a team will get to work creating a custom piece of artwork just for your favorite pet parent.

Custom pet paintings really are the gift that keeps on giving, as it can hang on the wall for years to come and elicit smiles from everyone who sees it. 

A Pet Camera

If the pet parent that you’re buying a gift for tends to be more on the anxious side, consider buying him or her their own, indoor pet camera. Pet cameras are everywhere these days, and are a great tool for nervous pet owners who want to be able to check in on their pets during the day. Some of the most advanced options even allow pet owners to speak directly to their pets, and even give them treats!

Pet cameras all operate by using the home’s WiFi, and the owner can check in via an app that is easily downloaded to their smartphone (most work on both iPhones and Androids). They’re simple to set up and operate, so they’re great even for older, less tech savvy people. You may even want to get them a matching custom phone case!

The best news is, these cameras have gotten super affordable so you won’t break the bank. It really is giving the gift of security and peace of mind.

A Pet Backpack

While some people may not understand why anyone would want a pet backpack, for those that do they make the best gift they may have not even known they needed!

Pet backpacks are perfect for people who love to take their dog everywhere with them. This can be those who live in the city and have to bring their pets with them on public transportation, people who travel frequently with their pets, or those who love to hike with pets that get worn out quickly. 

Most backpacks can be worn on either the front or the back, with an additional strap that can help make sure that the pet stays in the backpack. They can even fit dogs that weigh up to 80#, or as heavy as you are willing and able to carry. Your favorite pet parent will love being able to take their pet with them to more places, and their pet will be so happy to be included. 

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make another awesome gift idea for any pet parent. There are an abundance of subscription box options out there, so there is something for nearly every budget, pet, and situation. 

While BarkBox is by far the most well-known, there are also boxes meant for heavy chewing dogs (Super Chewer, Kong Box, and Bullymake), boxes for cats (Meowbox and Kitnip Box), and even boxes specifically for even smaller animals, like guinea pigs (OinkBox and Piggie Box). And that’s only a small selection of the available subscription boxes, a quick web search will likely find dozens more that we don’t have time to mention specifically. 

These boxes can be purchased for the pet owner once, or on a repeating subscription for three months, six months, or even a year. Which box you give and how long you give it for is up to you, both both the pet owner and their lucky pet will love checking the mail and getting their special box every month. It may even make their dog like the mailman a little bit more. No promises, though.

A Pet Hair Vacuuming Robot

Although this is one of the pricier options, pet hair vacuums don’t really seem like they would be an amazing gift to the outside observer. However, for anyone who has had pets (especially the furrier varieties), the constant need to vacuum the house to clean up the furry tumbleweeds can be absolutely exhausting. That’s what makes the robotic part of the equation so darn exciting!

Pet hair vacuums are programmable to start at certain times, but work autonomously to clean up the floor without the pet owner needing to lift a finger. Some are even connected to WiFi, and come with a downloadable smartphone app that allows the owner the ability to access the vacuum from anywhere. The sensors make sure that they don’t get stuck under any furniture or in corners, and they can clean up nearly 99% of allergens and pet hair, making the home much more friendly to anyone with asthma and allergies.

Giving the gift of a pet hair vacuum is also giving the pet owner the added gift of time. The time that they save when they’re not having to constantly vacuum the floors is more time they can spend with all of their family, furry or not. 

A Customized Gift Basket

If you’re at a loss finding a single, big gift to give your favorite pet parent, why not give them a customized gift basket? These baskets are a great way to exercise your own creativity, and pick out exactly what your pet owning loved one and their furry friend would enjoy.

Ideas for things to go in these gift baskets vary depending on who you’re making one for and the type of pet they have, but there are a few ideas that work well for everyone. We love stuffing our gift baskets full of gift cards for the owner’s favorite restaurants or coffee shops, treats for both the pet and the owner (verify food allergies, first!), and gift cards for plenty of pet related websites like Crown & Paw, Chewy, or even subscription box websites like BarkBox. That allows them to pick out exactly what they want, without having to pay the bill! It’s like a fun shopping spree for both owner and pet. 

No matter what you give, give it with thoughtfulness and love. The best gift is one that comes from the heart, and it’s really the thought that counts most of all. Your favorite pet parent will appreciate anything you give them, and we all know that our pets are excited about everything all the time, so they’ll love it too! It’s a gift for the whole family.