Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers: 10 New Ideas

brown cat on bed

Christmas is a time of year to focus on the people around you who make your life more full of joy. Giving them that perfect gift, especially for any pet lover, is incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing quite like making the eyes of someone you love light up with glee.

#1) A Pet Cam

If the pet lover in your life gets anxiety about leaving their pet, consider purchasing a pet cam for them. Not only does this allow them to see exactly what their pet is doing when they’re not around, it can also help ease their nerves. When they can check in on their pet when their nerves are at their highest, that stress relief will spread all throughout their life. 

This is an especially good gift for people who have destructive pets and who want to figure out which one of them is doing the destroying. It can help make a decision about creating them while they’re gone without the guilt of having to create all of them or choosing the wrong pet. 



#2) Custom Pet Socks

For the pet lover that has everything, give the gift of custom pet socks.

Custom pet socks make a hilarious, unusual gift that will surprise and delight any pet owner. Just upload a picture of the pet’s face, choose a color, and voila! The company does the rest. Most companies have socks specifically designed around a variety of different pet types - dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and even horses. You can’t lose.

#3) A Paw Print Ring

One of the best new gift ideas out there for pet lovers is purchasing them a custom paw print ring.

Available in multiple finishes (silver, gold, and rose gold most commonly), these dainty rings are the perfect way to honor your loved one’s special relationship with their pet. All you need to do is upload a picture of the pet’s paw print and let the company do the rest. They’ll engrave a replica of the pawprint onto the ring and ship it directly to you. The rest is just waiting for them to open the gift and the rest is tears and history.

#4) A Custom Pet Pillow

Cuddly, cozy gift ideas are always a hit, no matter the time of year. For pet lovers who enjoy spending plenty of time on the couch with their furry friend, custom pet pillows make a great gift.

Just choose a theme and upload a picture of their beloved pet’s face. The team hand designs the pillow with never-fade ink. They are lightweight and easy to take everywhere, whether that is the couch or off to college. When your pet can’t be with you, this is the next best thing… a pillow with their face that you can squeeze when you’re feeling lonely.

#5) A Coffee Gift Basket

Even though it’s not necessarily a “new” idea, giving the coffee lover in your life a coffee gift basket is always a hit. Make your own basket complete with a custom pet mug with their pet’s face on it. You can even throw in a special, coffee themed toy for their pup. Purchase a few bags of their favorite coffee from local coffee houses as well to complete the basket! You can even throw in some hot chocolate if they have kids or prefer a non-caffeinated option.

Putting together a customized holiday coffee gift basket lets your loved one know how important they are to you and how much thought you put into getting their gift right. And, with a cup they can use all year round, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness throughout the year as well.

#6) Treats For Everyone!

The holidays are known for sweets. It is also a time of year where pets get themselves in trouble, eating things that aren’t meant for them. Chocolate in large enough amounts, especially dark chocolate, can be potentially deadly for our four-legged friend.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to leave them out. When you bring treats for your loved ones, bring treats for their pets as well. Options like these chocolate peanut butter cups made specifically for dogs, made from 100% human grade ingredients like carob, are perfect. They are a great way for your loved one to share their holiday experience with their pet without having to worry about making them sick.

#7) A Matching PJ Set

If the pet lover in your life is super into matching with their pet, matching PJ sets are not only adorable but also festive! 

Matching PJ sets have options not only for your loved one but also for the entire family, from big to small. With a wide variety of colors and holiday patterns to choose from, they also offer both cat and dog options in many different sizes and for all different breeds. Choosing a pattern that is not as obviously festive will let them enjoy their new PJ sets all year round. 

They also give your giftee yet another fun option when it comes to taking holiday photos for next year’s Christmas card! Your gift will be a hit, guaranteed.

#8) Pet Friendly Tech

Tech is always a great idea, and they are constantly coming out with new tech so it remains a great gift option year after year. Some of the best ideas for this season include customized pet phone cases and a pet friendly selfie accessory to make taking pictures with their furry friend much easier. 

Pet friendly tech allows every pet owner to make use of the newest upgrades to spent more quality time with their furry friend. No matter how you choose to incorporate it, tech designed specifically for pet lovers is the perfect holiday gift option. Imagine the holiday selfies they’ll take when they can make sure that their pet is paying attention to the camera!



#9) A Personalized Reflective Pet Harness

This Christmas, give the gift of safety.

If the person you’re buying for loves to take those late night walks with their pet, give them a personalized reflective pet harness. There are multiple sizes to fit every breed, and the company embroiders the pet’s name in a reflective material on the side of the harness. These harnesses are also fashionable and designed to keep the pet comfortable while they walk without putting pressure on their neck.

Most harnesses fit between 24 and 28 characters, so even longer pet names can be embroidered. Plus, the reflective material that they use helps keep both dog and owner safe during evening walks. 

#10) Wine That Everyone Can Enjoy

Much like pet friendly chocolates, pet friendly wine is a new, fun way to make sure everyone can enjoy the joy that the holiday season has to offer. 

Pet wines come in multiple options like “Meowsling” and “FetchMe Grigio,” each designed to be a fun, safe way for your giftee to pop bottles with their furry friends. Grab a bottle or two for their pet, and a bottle of the real stuff for your friend or family member, and prepare to get festive! If you’re really feeling generous, you can grab a customized wine glass and pet bowl so they can share in style.

Christmas is really about getting together with your loved ones and celebrating how important you are to each other’s lives. While physical gifts are definitely a nice cherry on top, it’s the time spent with the people you love that really is the best gift of all.