Festive Fur Family: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Dog Owners

The Christmas holidays are nearly here, and people all over the world are in a mad dash, trying to finish Christmas shopping. According to Shopify, many shoppers didn’t start until December—16%, that is. Now, we don’t know if you’re one of those 16% or not, and we’re not sure where you are at in your Christmas shopping journey. But if you’re not done, know that you’re not alone. And even better? We can help, especially if you are in need of Christmas gifts for dog owners!

Searching for the Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners?

If you’re one of those last-minute shoppers still rushing to and fro from store to store looking for the best gift for one of your intended recipients (or perhaps you are scouring the web for the best option), the chances are that there is a pet owner on your list. With 66% of households enjoying pet ownership, we bet our guess is pretty spot on—and we think a personalized pet item is just the ticket.

happy lucky dog with portrait


But, before we get into hyping up what we have to offer here at Crown & Paw with cute gifts for dog owners, let’s talk about some other great last-minute shopping ideas.

1. Pet Subscription Box

Pet subscription boxes are all the rage. And, chances are you have sene those fun commercials showing Fido eagerly waiting at the door for his latest package. These gifts are a great idea when you don’t have access to a pet photo for personalization or the gift recipient on your list already has about every personalized item you can imagine. We suggest BarkBox or PoochPerks.

2. Personalized Christmas Ornament 

While it might be too late to hang it on the tree yet this year, Christmas ornaments are always sure to please. Either give it as a stand-alone or make it part of the packaging. Pick from sentimental or humorous—the choice is completely up to you. There are so many companies out there offering awesome Christmas ornament options that you’ll be sure to find plenty to make this gift an annual tradition. 

Oh, and hint, hint (or should we say, ho, ho, ho), Crown & Paw has a great selection of Christmas ornaments to choose from. Peruse our site for the best idea for the recipient on your list.

3. Pet Spa or Grooming Session

While some of our furry friends enjoy bath time (queue up the cute YouTube video), the chances are that your loved one’s pet does not (queue up the next funny YouTube video). Some pets are afraid of water, and others simply feel out of control. Whatever the reason is, the pet owner in your life might appreciate the gift of a pet day at the local groomer. And if you are feeling super generous this holiday season, schedule a human spa day for them at the same time!

4. Custom Dog Holiday Sweater

Okay, we love this idea so much that we couldn’t wait to put it on our list. We all know the craze around ugly Christmas sweater contests. But what if you could give the gift of a Christmas sweater that wasn’t so ugly? We’ve got you covered! Literally! Our custom dog Christmas sweater is sure to please. 

Dog Holiday Sweater

All you need to do to make this dream a reality is upload a photo of the furry friend to our site, and we’ll do the rest. Seriously, these sweaters will be rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Check it out, and have a happy holiday!

5. Canvas Dog Portaits

Can you say deck the halls in any better way than with your dog’s portrait hanging on your wall? Dog portraits on canvas are another amazing gift, especially for those with a unique bond with their pet. After all, there’s a reason that 95% of pet owners feel that their pets are a member of their family. 

So why not give the pet in question the honor they deserve—with a place on the wall, all their own. And there are so many options to choose from; this is another great gift you can do year after year, and keep your imagination humming! As with the holiday sweater, simply upload a photo and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your personalized gift arrives in time for the holidays.

6. Pet Tracker 

We can’t emphasize enough how awesome of a gift idea this is. In fact, we put this high on our list of top gifts for dog lovers. The sad truth is that according to the American Humane Society, around 10 million dogs and cats are reported missing each year. A pet tracker is a great way to ensure that your pet love is safe when they are out and about (and in case they manage to cut themselves loose on a walk or while frolicking in the backyard).

7. Pet Camera

And we’ll end our list of Christmas gifts for pet owners with the lucky number seven—the pet camera. If you’re gone during the day, whether heading to the office or out for some errands, you want to know that your pet is happy and safe. So, that makes a pet camera the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. And with so many options on the market, you’ll surely find one that fits your price range.

Pet-Themed Gifts for the Holidays

Crown & Paw: We’ve Got the Best Pet-Themed Gifts for the Holidays

Whether you are shopping for a pet lover or for yourself (who says we can’t put a gift to ourselves under the Christmas tree), we’ve got some amazing gift ideas that are sure to please. At Crown & Paw, we understand the deep bond that pet owners have with their pets. And, we’re here to help them celebrate that bond every step of the way.

Check out our assortment of options. Your proof will be ready in just one to two days, so you can see for yourself how awesome it will be. And like we said earlier, leave the rest to us! We’ll get your package packed up and shipped off so you can smack a big red bow on it and gift it to the special recipient.

Happy holidays from Crown & Paw!