Custom Pet Gifts: 5 Unique Ideas

Custom pet gifts are all the rage right now. Gone are the days where you gift someone a simple toy you bought at the store or a bag of treats you picked up. There are so many artisans out there creating custom gifts specifically for pets that it can be difficult to choose! We're here to present you with a top 5 list of what we think are the best, most unique custom pet gifts out there. We're sure you'll find one for any one on your list. The most important part is that you've thought of them.


#1) A Unique, Custom Made Pet Painting

Gift giving is all about finding that special gift that elicits a reaction when it's opened. No gift on this list does that more than having a unique, customized pet painting commissioned. The look on their face is often just as exciting as the gift itself!

Not only are these pet portraits one of a kind (made specifically for each pet when they're ordered), they allow the pet and his or her special personality to be memorialized and hung on the wall. Who wouldn't love walking past their furry best friend dressed up as a princess or an ice hockey player? It adds a lot of fun to the house, and can create a focal point for anyone who visits it. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

The best part is, custom pet paintings are super easy to have made. Just send in a photo of the pet's face (preferably shot in natural lighting, straight on at their level), choose what outfit that you want the pet painted into, and wait for the magic to happen. With dozens of different outfits offered (from royalty to sports players to pop culture icons), there is easily an option for everyone, no matter what they're into. You can't lose.

#2) Their Very Own Cookie Jar

Let's face it. Every pet gets a little spoiled, especially when they are on their absolute best behavior. To reward them for being the best boy or girl, pet treats are perfect. They're not only great for just saying "hey, I love you buddy," they also make excellent motivators to help train more food-driven pets.

However, many pet owners find that their cabinets have a tendency to get super stuffed with multiple different bags, often all half-open. Help solve this by gifting that special pet their very own cookie jar

Each cookie jar has plenty of room for customization. From size to color, to even uploading a photo to have printed onto the jac(custom pet paintings like The Duchess make great photos for cookie jars, by the way), they can be designed to fit perfectly into any dog or cat's home.

You can even combine them with your own homemade pet treats, or fill them full of the pet's favorite treats before you give it to them (however, make sure you verify the pet does not have any food related allergies before baking or purchasing). What good is a cookie jar without cookies? You'll immediately be their pet's new best friend.


#3) A Custom Leash Holder

Most pet owners have experienced the anxiety that comes when you ask your dog if they want to go on a walk before realizing you have no idea where their leash is. It happens to the best of us! You can almost picture the look on your dog's face… confused, excited, pleading at you with those big, puppy dog eyes. It's a universal, dog owner experience.

That's what makes custom leash holders, like this one from Etsy, such a great gift for pet owners. With a place to specifically hang the leash as soon as they get back from the walk, they'll never have to worry about losing one again. The best part is that the leash holders are designed in an incredibly adorable bone shape and are hand-painted with your pet's name. They can even be customized by color, so that they match the home's decor. Leash holders are a great addition to any home, and they even make a handy place to hang other things like keys or poop bags. They'll wonder how they ever functioned without one, and you'll be a hero! 


#4) AStorybook… Starring Their Pet!

Another of the most unique, fun gifts out there, especially for homes with young children, is having a custom storybook made for the pet. 

With titles like "If My Dog (insert their name here, of course) Could Talk," custom storybooks take everyone on an adventure inside the pet's brain. What exactly are they thinking? What does that look mean? You might be surprised to find out the answers. Plus, it's just fun to watch your dog or cat get into hijinks that you won't have to clean up!

Each storybook has multiple options to get the star of the show looking as close as possible to the pet you're gifting it to (color, breed, etc). Human family members are even featured in the book, with a place for up to four different names! In addition, each book allows you to add a custom dedication and photo, and even has an option for pets that have passed away. It's a truly legendary, unique pet gift idea that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family for years to come.


#5) A Gift Basket

Why give one gift when you can give a whole basket? Gift baskets, customized for the lucky cat or dog who will be getting it, allow for creativity to take over and are just generally fun to make! It's even a project the whole family can enjoy putting together.

When deciding on what to put in it, it's good to gift a mix of physical items like homemade pet treats (check to make sure there are no food allergies first, of course), collars, and toys with gift cards that you know everyone will love and enjoy. We like adding a few gift cards meant specifically for the owners as well, especially coffee gift cards for those pet owners who may still be losing sleep as everyone adjusts to a new arrival. Gift cards for things they may not buy themselves, like custom pet paintings, are always good as well. Some people even throw in a few human snacks or beverages, too!

The great part about gift baskets is that they are meant for everyone in the home, and the basket can always be used to hold toys long after the snacks are gone and the gift cards are spent. And, since it was put together by hand, it's a gift option that really shows you care enough to have thought through every item individually. They'll be blown away.


No matter which unique gifts you choose to give, the lucky recipient (and his or her family) will be absolutely thrilled that they were on your mind. Finding and giving gifts that the pet owners may not have thought of buying themselves is a great way to show your support to those special people and pets in your life. They can be given to new pet owners, for birthdays and holidays, or even as a "just because." No matter what the reason, everyone wins!