Cutest Cat Breeds: Who’s The Most Photogenic?


Let’s get this out of the way first - we believe that all cats are beautiful. Each and every breed has their own special magic that makes them perfect to someone. However, just like people, there are a few breeds that are just naturally more photogenic than others. We’re not saying we like them more but, when it comes to their ability to photograph well, they would definitely be considered some of the “cutest” breeds. Let’s take a look at some of those breeds, and what makes them so darn photogenic. 


The fluffy, personable Persian is definitely one of the cutest, most photogenic breeds out there. This is partially due to their long, soft, luxurious coats, which are just as thick and glossy as any supermodels. These cats are just as happy sitting on their pet parent’s lap as they are lounging over the arm of the couch or playing with their favorite toy, which gives their photographer’s a wide range of options! Add a fan to blow that beautiful coat around and voila… the perfect cat photo! 

To make them even more photogenic, many of them are born with misaligned teeth (usually an underbite or an overbite). Combined with their chubby cheeks and those big, round eyes, Persians are definitely superstars.

Exotic Shorthairs

We love a non-traditional looking cat breed! Exotic Shorthairs are exactly that. With their signature large, round owl-like eyes and their soft, plush coat, they look like a short-haired version of their cousin, the Persian. But these cats definitely have their own personalities!

Exotic shorthairs are lovers, preferring to be with their people, but they will also spend hours on end playing with toys. That means they can either be photographed sleeping softly or actively playing. They also are just unique looking, which make them an interesting centerpiece for any photo. Try holding up a toy on a string, and let them jump around and show off their prey drive. The shots you’ll get will be full of the same lust for life the Exotic Shorthair has.


Who doesn’t love a cross-eyed kitty? There is something that is so charming about Siamese cats. Between their sleek, svelte bodies and their long legs, they are so much fun to watch leaping and running around (which also makes for great action shots!). They also have that adorable, slender face that almost makes them look like they have the cheekbones of a model. 

However, despite all of those amazing, photographic qualities, their most photogenic quality is those huge, almond-shaped, deep blue eyes that are almost always crossed. It’s what makes them truly unique, and so identifiably Siamese.


For people who want a domestic cat that looks like its older, wilder relatives, Bengals are the star of the show. They have a unique, golden shimmer and a spotted coat that is similar to a leopard, although a Bengal’s coat can be not only spotted but also patterned with rosettes, marbling, or arrowheads. Each Bengal is different, much like a fingerprint. But all of them are photogenic, the closest we can get to a wild cat while still staying in our own home.

These cats are so incredibly photogenic not because of their coat, though, but because of their size and power. They can jump up to eight feet from a complete standstill. In fact, most of the best pictures of Bengals are them in the air, looking like they are flying. They are the Olympic gymnasts of the feline world.

Scottish Fold

Oh, Scottish Folds, the lifelong kittens of the cat world. 

These immediately identifiable cats are most well-known for their folded ears, which are caused by a lack of strong cartilage that allows them to bend forward. When added to their big, round, usually golden eyes, Scottish Folds seem to have a look of constant surprise and concern. There are no other cats on Earth that look like a Scottish Fold, and that is absolutely alright with us. We think they’re perfect, like a constantly shocked owl. 

Not only does that make them one of the cutest cat breeds, but also one of the most photogenic. They’re like feline pin-up girls, if pin-up girls were soft and fluffy. They also have a tendency to get a little chubby, and we all know that chonky cats are the most adorable. 

Maine Coons

Maine Coons are nearly perfect when it comes to being photogenic. If we were making a list of impressive cat specimens, the Maine Coon would absolutely take the cake. Not only are they one of the largest domestic cats, they are also one of the fluffiest! In addition, Maine Coons are known as the “clowns” of the feline world. These cats even love water, unlike the vast majority of other cats out there. Their sparkling personalities, huge size, and fluffy coats make them hands down one of the most photogenic cat breeds out there.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique action shot, let them go for a swim. There is nothing more stunning than watching a Maine Coon in all their glory, “dog” paddling across the water with a determined look on their adorable face. You will also be surprised by how fast they can swim, and how much they enjoy it! It also makes for a photograph that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other breed.

Devon Rex

If you’re looking for one of a kind, you’ve got it with the Devon Rex. While most cats have hair, and a few breeds are hairless, the Devon Rex is unique because it is covered with only down. That down gives them an almost velvet-like appearance, with a coat unlike any other cat out there. And, in some cases, they have a tendency to develop baldness just like a cute old man. We think they’re nearly irresistible, and definitely photogenic.

They also have a personality that makes them perfect for photography... incredibly intelligent, funny, charming, and with a love and need for attention. Just give a Devon Rex a toy and watch them go. The photography you’ll create will amaze you, and the breed’s unique qualities make them stand out in a way that no other breed does. You’ll definitely be able to capture a perfect photograph that showcases their perfect personality. 


One last entry on our list of the cutest, most photogenic cats may also be one of the most controversial. While some people would argue that these cats are creepy instead of cute, we love the way that they subvert all of the classic, adorable cat stereotypes. 

Sphynx are all naturally hairless, allowing us to see their naked, wrinkly skin. While we understand that people may not find that cute, we think that their naked mole rat look combined with their sweet, loving personality makes them fun and unique to photograph. Photogenic doesn’t have to mean beautiful, even though there is something inherently beautiful about the way they are different from all the other cats out there.

We believe that all cats are unique, and every breed is photogenic in their own way. Taking a picture of a cat that truly captures his or her personality is the best way to ensure that they will be remembered forever, exactly how they are. Don’t wish you had more pictures of your furry friend when it’s too late. Take as many pictures as you can now. Unfortunately, none of our pets can live forever, but they can live forever in our hearts and on our walls.