Dog Paintings From A Photo: 10 Of Our Favorites

With the popularity of pet portraits continuing to skyrocket, more and more options are being made available for customization. This leads to some pretty unique and adorable creations. While we love each and every dog painting that we create, we went through them and picked out 10 of our absolute favorites. Buckle up, it’s about to get cute!

#1) The American Gothic

American Gothic, painted by Grant Wood in 1930, is one of the most well-known, classic, Americana pieces of artwork in the country. The painting is recognizable nearly immediately from the stoic, serious looks on their faces to the signature pitchfork. 

That’s why adding adorable pups in the American Gothic painting makes it even more amazing. The sweet, perfect looks on their faces immediately elicits an “awwww” from anyone who sees it. It’s nearly impossible to look at this dog painting and not melt a little. You don’t have to live on a farm to appreciate the classic appeal of American Gothic.

#2) Gryffinpaw

Our second entry on the list is another pop culture classic, but one that is much more recent. Gryffinpaw is easily one of our favorite dog paintings we’ve created. Featuring any pet clad in the signature “Gryffinpaw” robes and colors, it almost looks like it could be right out of a yearbook for the magical school each student represents. Although we definitely love Gryffinpaw, we also offer dog paintings for students sorted into the Slyfurrin, Ravenpaw, and Hufflewoof houses as well. You won’t have to put your dog through the Tripupper Tournament for them to win the heart of anyone who visits your home. Magic awaits.

#3) The Ice Hockey Player

For the sport’s fans out there, another favorite is our ice hockey dog! Wearing a jersey that showcases the soon-to-be world-famous Crown & Paw hockey team logo, any hockey fan will love seeing their pup dressed up like they’re ready to take the ice. Our ice hockey spokesdog looks ready to go, and this dog painting is sure to thrill both sports lovers and non-sports lovers alike! If ice hockey isn’t your thing, we also offer football, baseball, and soccer players. We even have a race car driver! But the ice hockey player has found a way to shoot and score its way into our hearts and onto our top 10 list of favorite dog paintings. 

#4) The Surfer

Surf’s up, dude! What’s not to love about our surfer dog painting? Our subject is clearly ready to hit the waves, clad in the traditional surfer dog attire… a bright, floral Hawaiian shirt. He or she looks ready to hit the waves like the totally gnarly dog they are. This laid back dog painting will fit in with nearly any decor, especially for people who live in tropical areas. The best part about the surfer is that there are other color options if yellow isn’t your thing. Simply select red or green instead. Cowabunga!

#5) The Quartet

Anyone who has more than one dog can tell you, picking a favorite is next to impossible. That’s why we love The Quartet. Show all four of your dogs some love by having those pups custom painted as classical renaissance singers. Each of the four dogs is uniquely characterized, holding an instrument or just singing along. They’re dressed up in the attire of the time period and look so authentic that you may think that it was a painting out of a history book. If you’re the type who loves renaissance fairs, The Quartet may be the dog painting for you. Why pick just one dog for a painting when you can have all four?

#6) The Princess

Ok, ok. We all know we spoil our dogs. They live like kings and queens in our homes, being fed on demand, sleeping on soft, comfortable dog beds, and generally just rule over our daily lives and schedules. Why not honor that by showcasing your pet as they really are--your princess! Our princess dog painting showcase would be equally cute with any dog, big or small. Show off your princess as she really is, wearing Victorian-era attire, by having a dog painting commissioned to hang over her throne. 

#7) The Three Musketeers

Who doesn’t remember the classic story of the Three Musketeers? Originally a novel by Alexandre Dumas in France in 1844, this well-loved classic has since been turned into multiple big screen retellings that have become a major part of pop culture. Our dog painting takes a fun twist on that story. With all three of your pups in the painting, you’ll never have to make them duel for your affection. 

#8) The Krueger

Horror movie fans, unite! You won’t be left out of our top 10 favorite dog paintings, not even in your worst nightmares. Taking its inspiration from one of the most watched, classic horror franchises out there, The Krueger will look just as good with your boxer as it would with your maltese. In fact, with those long, killer claws and the trademark red and black sweater, anyone would think twice before messing with your precious angel. Sweet dreams!

#9) The Sisters

If your dogs are totally inseparable, honor their bond by having them painted as noble ladies in classic attire. The Sisters is one of our favorites not only for the bond that it portrays, but also as one of the more classical pieces that we offer. The best part is, even if your pups are totally different sizes, The Sisters can put them on an even playing field as they face off for your love and attention. We won’t tell them that you won’t pick a favorite.

#10) The Admiral

Finally, last but certainly not least on our list of favorites, is The Admiral. Widely beloved, not only by us but by over 1000 positive reviews on our website, The Admiral is sure to make any dog look regal and in charge. Not only will your dog command your attention, he or she will also command the attention of anyone who walks into your house. We promise, your love for this dog painting will not be “fleeting.” 

Wrapping It Up

While it was next to impossible for us to pick favorites (we love all of our doggos equally), these 10 have special places in our hearts. From the creepy to the regal, and the funny to the cool, dog paintings are one of the best ways to showcase your dog’s special, unique personality in a timeless classic art piece you can hang on your wall for years to come. 

The best part is, creating your own dog painting is as easy as simply sending in a quality photo of your dog and choosing how you’d like them to be painted! Every portrait is artist-created with ink designed to never fade. They all also meet gallery standards with their 1.25” wood frame, because your pet is a work of art and deserves to be treated like one. Each canvas is printed right here in the United States, and comes with the Crown & Paw Guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll be happy to redo it free of charge. Contact us today to get started!