Gifts for Cat Lovers: How to Make Their Holiday Extra Special

Cat with collar

We all have a crazy cat person in our lives. 

When the holidays come around, what do you get for your friend or family member who adores their cat? For a cat lover, their feline friend is one of the biggest and best parts of their life. This means that when you’re giving a gift to that person in your life who loves their cat, a perfect way to make them feel special is to honor and celebrate the relationship between owner and cat. You never want to settle for an impersonal, generic gift at the holidays when you can instead go for something much more personal. That’s why cat-themed gifts make some of the best presents for cat lovers.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best gift options for the cat lovers in your life. When you’re looking for something that will make each person in your life feel special, centering the gift around something that they love is a great place to start. You can’t go wrong with giving a cat-themed gift to a cat-loving friend or family member!

Why Cats are the Best 

The relationship between a cat and its owner is something special. Cats are sly and clever, but often with a sweet side. They make great companions, fiercely independent and more than willing to go take care of themselves for a while when their owners need to work on something else. This establishes a bond between a cat and its owner that does not need constant attention and affection to maintain.

In addition to being low-maintenance, cats tend to be great at keeping themselves clean. This makes cat fans love them even more. Cats don’t need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom, and they’re generally much easier to potty train than dogs. 

To further add to the case for cats, these little animals are often incredibly quiet. Cat lovers will often cite how enjoyable it is to have their cats sit quietly next to them as one of the main reasons they’re so great to have around.

If you still aren’t sold on getting a cat of your own, you can still give a great gift to a cat lover in your life this year. Keep reading to learn some of the best gift options for cat lovers that are sure to make their holidays happy!



Need a Gift for Your Favorite Film-Loving Cat Fan? Look No Further 

Cats are the perfect movie-watching companions. A cat will just sit quietly on your lap as its owner enjoys a favorite film. This makes cats the ideal buddies for movie night, and the many lovers of both cats and movies out there are sure to agree. 

If you’re giving a gift to a cat-lover this holiday season who is also a big fan of a specific movie or TV series, you’re in luck. Crown & Paw has you covered with themed cat portraits available based on some of the best movies and TV out there. For the Game of Thrones fan and their feline friend, you can send in a photo of their cat and have it turned into a portrait as The Kingslayer, The Mother of Dragons and more. For the devoted fan of both cats and anything related to a galaxy far, far away, you can get an excellent rendition of their cat dressed as either jedi or sith, stormtrooper or rebel. For the horror movie lover, you can even get a portrait done of their cat as Freddie Krueger or Pennywise the clown. Cats can be plenty intimidating on their own, but being painted as a terrifying horror movie villain really seals the deal.

A cat portrait can be proudly displayed on the wall at home to instantly prompt conversations, get lots of laughs, and give a cat the attention they deserve. For the pop culture fan in your life whose best friend is their cat, a movie or TV-themed cat portrait is the way to go. You’re bound to get a huge smile and a big thank you for it!

The perfect cat-themed gift for a quiet night at home

In a time when everyone tends to be spending a lot more time inside to stay safe and healthy, there’s a greater need than ever for fun activities to do at home. One of the best simple ways to have a great night in is to put together a puzzle. If you’re spending this Christmas at home with your family, doing a puzzle together is a great time, but there’s one easy way to level it up: giving the gift of a puzzle of the family cat.

While putting together a puzzle of their cat’s likeness would be a great time for any cat-lover, Crown & Paw’s pet puzzles take things to the next level. With tons of designs based on film, TV, different careers, classic art, and more, Crown & Paw can make a hilarious cat puzzle based on a gorgeous portrait of a cat dressed in one of many different outfits.

Something to keep the cat-lovers warm this winter 

Everyone needs a good warm, fuzzy blanket to snuggle up in when the winter gets cold. A great blanket is always a good gift when the holidays come around, but for the cat fan in your life, you can do better than just a plain old blanket – instead, grab a pet portrait blanket from Crown & Paw!

Lightweight, portable and super comfy, Crown & Paw’s blankets are perfect for a cat lover to wrap themselves up in on a cold winter day. What really makes these blankets winners, though, is the designs printed on them. You can take a photo of a friend or family member’s cat and have one of Crown & Paw’s expert artists turn it into a masterpiece. Then, that portrait can be printed on a blanket for maximum snuggles and enjoyment. Fuzzy blankets and sweet cats are a match made in heaven!

Looking for something small? Boom. Cat Portrait Mug. 

Everyone loves a hot drink when the weather outside is frightful. Whether it’s tea, coffee, cocoa or something stronger, there’s nothing quite as special as sitting inside on a cold winter day and drinking your favorite hot drink. For a cat lover, though, this picture wouldn’t be complete without their purring feline sitting by their side. To make things even better though, why not get the cat lover in your life a mug with their cat’s portrait on it?

Whether they’re hung on the wall, wrapped around you as a blanket or on the mug you’re sipping cocoa out of, pet portraits make life better. They’re both classy and hilarious, and seeing your cat’s face on the body of your favorite film character or a renaissance-era aristocrat never gets old. Plus, a mug can go with the cat lover to the office, where they can proudly display their cat's awesomeness for all their coworkers to see.

With so many options to choose from, Crown & Paw has something great for every cat lover this holiday season. All you need to do as the gift-giver is snap a picture of your friend or family member’s cat to use as a reference. After that, Crown & Paw takes care of the rest, and you get to enjoy the huge smile and priceless reaction from your loved one when they see what you got them!