Gifts For Dog Lovers: 10 Unique Ideas


If you have a dog lover in your life, you’ve probably considered which of the huge amount of dog related gifts out there that you should give them. It’s fun to be the person that gives a unique gift that can make someone else gasp with joy. To help you blow your dog loving human’s mind , we’ve come up with a list of 10 gifts that you can give them that will absolutely make their day. 

Here they are, and why we think they’re so great, in no particular order. Happy shopping!

#1) A Custom Pet Portrait

If there is an extra special dog lover in your life and you really want to blow their minds, one of the best ways to do that is by having a custom pet portrait commissioned of their canine supermodel. There are dozens of different outfits that you can choose from, from renaissance nobles to sports players to pop culture references (like Star Wars and Harry Potter). The best part is, all that you’ll need to do is just take a quality headshot of their beloved pet. Crown & Paw will do the rest. It’s one of the most unique ways that they can showcase their pet as a piece of artwork that they can hang proudly on their wall. It will be a gift they will cherish for years to come.

#2) Dog Socks

And not just any dog socks… custom dog socks! A great gift for any dog lover that won’t break the bank is giving them a pair of socks with their dog’s face on them. Etsy is a good place to start looking at your options, but there are plenty of other companies out there that offer the same thing as well. All you need to do is simply upload a picture of the dog’s face and let the company do the rest. Your loved one will adore being able to wear their beloved pet around with them all day, every day, which will give them the perfect opportunity to show their sweet baby off. 

#3) Portable Dog Water Bottle

For the super active dog lovers in your life, you should consider giving them the gift of a portable dog water bottle. These water bottles are relatively inexpensive and can be found at many online stores. They allow your dog loving friends to go on longer, more frequent walks or hikes with their canine best friend without needing to worry about them dehydrating or getting heat stroke. It’s the perfect, thoughtful gift for both the owner and their special dog so that they can continue their healthy, active lifestyle.

#4) Matching Friendship Bracelets

For those inseparable dog and owner pairs, matching friendship bracelets make another great gift that you can give to both. These sets come with a custom pet collar for the pooch, and a matching bracelet for the owner. It lets the owner show off their special bond with their pet in a more subtle, creative way. Everyone loves a cute collar, and friendship bracelets are classic!

#5) A Phone Case Featuring Their Pet

If the dog lover you’re shopping for is the type that is always attached to their phone, consider having a custom phone case made that features their pet’s face. That way, your giftee will always be able to carry their pet around with them, even when they have to leave them physically at home. Plus, custom phone cases make a good conversation piece! And nowadays, who isn’t constantly on their phones? This is an especially great gift for the younger dog lovers in your life. 

#6) Gift Cards!

If the person you’re buying a gift for is notoriously difficult to find something for, consider giving them a selection of dog-centric gift cards. Places like Chewy, Barkbox, Crown & Paw, Etsy, and local pet stores make great gifts because they allow them to be able to pick out exactly what they love and need. It shows you care without having to worry about needing to keep the receipts in case they want to return it or they already have it. Both owner and pet will thank you!

#7) A Pet-centric Welcome Mat

If the person you’re purchasing a gift for is the type that wants the entire world to know how much they love their pet, consider purchasing them a pet-centric welcome mat. Etsy is a great place to go for plenty of options, like “Wipe Your Paws,” “Dog Mom,” or “My Pet Lets Me Live Here.” However, there are plenty of options that can be purchased at regular box stores as well. These welcome mats will let anyone who is visiting know right away that the home they’re at has a pet that is the center of the household. Plus, the slogans are just adorable.

#8) Dog Parent Wine or Beer Glasses

For the dog parent that also enjoys a cold glass of beer or wine at the end of a long day, beer or wine glasses that show off their love for their pet while also giving them a classy option to enjoy their beverage make the perfect gift. The even better news is that there are an abundance of options online to purchase, and it is nearly guaranteed that there will be one that will hit any specific breed or niche. If you include a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer, you’ll be the hit of any party. Plus, you can both toast to their love for their pet!

#9) Personalized Pup Coffee Mugs

If your giftee isn’t into wine or beer or chooses to be sober, there is a similar but non-alcoholic gift option out there that still celebrates the love that they have for their pet. If this sounds like your gifting situation, you should consider purchasing them a personalized coffee mug with their pup’s name and face on it. You can give them a bag or two of coffee or tea, or a gift card to a local coffee shop to allow them to purchase their own. Either way, they can enjoy showing off their pet in the office or when friends come over, without needing alcohol! This is an especially great gift for a dog lover with a new puppy, because we all know how important coffee can be to functioning on very little sleep.

#10) Subscription Boxes

Last but not least, with more and more subscription box options coming out every day, purchasing a subscription (even for a month or two) makes a great gift for both the owner and the pet. Their dog will love getting their own, exciting box of customized treats and toys every month, and the pet owner will enjoy having a few quiet moments to themselves as their dog enjoys their surprise. It makes the mail fun, and may even make their dog hate the mailman just a little bit less. Even better, the pet owner can take the opportunity to try them out and may choose to consider the subscription after the initial gift period is over.

No matter which gift you choose for the dog lover in your life, at the end of the day it's ultimately the thought that counts. Help them to celebrate the special bond they have by giving them a gift they can share with their furry family member. We promise both of them will thank you.