Gifts For Dog Lovers: 10 of the Most Unique Ideas You've Heard

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Nobody wants to be the person who gives the same gift, over and over. Every year people strive to give the perfect, unique gift catered to exactly who the giftee is and what they’re into. The hard part is that it gets tougher every year! We’re here to help, with 10 great, unique ideas for every dog lover in your life. You should definitely try to mix it up this year, and give a gift you know will delight them in a new, fun, different way.

#1) Custom Pet Portraits

One of the most unique gifts you can get for any dog lover in your life is the gift of a custom pet portrait

These portraits make great gifts because they take something so common, like a portrait of a family member, and add the fun twist of using their pet instead. There are over 150 different outfit options to choose from, in fun styles like the renaissance period, firefighter, or hockey player. You just need to take a covert picture of their pet (preferably a close up taken at eye-level with the pet looking away from the camera), pick an outfit, and upload the photo.

It can take some time to create this type of masterpiece, so make sure to allow plenty of time for the custom artwork to be hand created and delivered. This type of surprise gift will be well worth the wait.   


Husky with custom pet portrait

#2) Subscription Boxes For Dogs

Subscription boxes are a unique gift for dog lovers simply because there are so many out there to choose from!

There are subscription boxes out there specifically for puppies, for dogs that are strong chewers, and boxes catered specifically to breeds (pugs and frenchies are two that we’ve seen most recently). There are also boxes that come with grooming supplies or poop bags! 

With subscription boxes, you can also choose to pay for a single box that you can wrap up and give as a gift, or pay for multiple months ahead of time. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can give a subscription box to your loved one for an entire year! 

#3) Doggie Backpacks

If the dog lover you’re purchasing a gift for is the type that likes to take their dog with them everywhere, a doggie backpack can make a great gift.

Doggie backpacks are a safe, comfortable way for dogs of all sizes to hitch a ride with their owners. They come in multiple models and fit dogs that weigh anywhere from five to 80 pounds. It’s a great way to give the gift of new adventure to both your dog lover and their beloved pup.

#4) A Puppy Seatbelt

Even dog lovers forgot the importance of safety sometimes. 

If you have a loved one whose dog goes everywhere with them, give them the gift of safety.

Puppy seat belts come in a variety of different types and styles, but all work mostly by helping to secure the dog in the car using an attachment that connects the car’s seat belt and a harness that the dog will wear. No one plans to get into a car accident, but things happen. Seat Belts can help keep their precious cargo from more serious injuries if an accident does occur. 

#5) Automatic Ball Launcher

Some dogs just love their ball. And, as much as we love throwing it for them, eventually we get tired far before they do.

That’s why automatic ball launchers make such a great gift. They allow the dog to keep playing as long as they want while their owner gets to relax and maybe enjoy a cold beverage. The end result is a more relaxed owner and a worn out, sleepy pet at the end of the day. 

#6) Personalized Pet Pillows

For any pet owner that enjoys a weekend spent binge watching Netflix on the couch, a personalized pet pillow is sure to surprise and delight. 

These pillows come in nearly one hundred varieties, so that you can find an option to suit any dog lover’s aesthetic. Just like a custom pet portrait, all you need is a photograph of the pet that you’ll upload directly to the company.

Once uploaded, the pillow will be hand designed and printed with ink designed to not fade (even in the wash). The photo is also printed on both sides, and the pillow is not only comfortable but portable! They’re a great gift especially for people who travel regularly or students who don’t live at home with their pet anymore, because it allows them to take their pet anywhere they go.

#7) A Puppy Activity Tracker

With technology continuing to expand and advance, there are more and more options to gift technology to your dog loving friend or family member. 

One of the most unique tech gifts you can buy is a puppy activity tracker. These trackers attach directly to the dog’s collar. All the pet owner needs to do is download an app to their phone, and both their pet’s health and location will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

That information helps in the event that the pet accidentally gets out or is a frequent runner. It also monitors the dog’s sleep patterns, activity, mobility and pain, stress and anxiety, and itchiness and skin issues. It’s waterproof and can even be linked to the owner’s fitness tracker! For the active pet owner, this is a perfect gift.

#8) Stylish Poop Bag Holders

If you’re looking for a unique dog themed gift that won’t break the bank, check out Etsy’s selection of stylish poop bag holders. 

These holders are great for the dog owner that wants to be responsible on their walks without having to give up their personal sense of style. They’re fashionable, fun, and come in plenty of different colors and styles to fit any dog lover’s style. 

#9) Customized Pet Blankets

Customized pet blankets are the cozy gift many dog lover’s didn’t even know they needed. 

Made of soft, washable fleece, a customized pet blanket is designed with the specific pet owner in mind. Once a photo is uploaded, the blanket is created using fade-resistant ink so that it can be washed as many times as needed without worrying about losing the pet’s precious face. 

When the dog lover opens the soft blanket with their furry friend’s face on it, prepare for the waterworks!


Pet Dressed as Captain America Pet Portrait


#10) Dog Selfie Smartphone Attachments

One last unique gift idea for dog lover’s who are always trying to take selfies with their pet is a smart phone attachment to try to make it easier. 

The attachment comes with a squeaky tennis ball, which will draw the dog’s attention while the owner snaps the perfect selfie. It easily clips right onto the top of most cell phones and tablets. And the best part is, the ball can also be taken off and thrown at the end of the photo session to say “thank you” to the dog for being so cooperative and photogenic!

In Summary

Buying gifts for any occasion for the dog lover in your life doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Hopefully you’ve found something on this list to help, or that we’ve inspired you to something else that you know will be perfect for them. In the end, it really is the thought that counts. A gift given with love and thought beats a pricey gift any day.