10 Gifts For People Who Have Everything

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Do you have a loved one who seems to have everything? Giving a gift to someone like that can be incredibly nerve wracking. You want to bring them joy and surprise them with the perfect gift, but likely don’t know where to start! We’re here to help you out with some ideas for gifts that you can give the people who have everything. 

#1) A Personalized Starbucks Cup

Let’s face it… Starbucks is universal. In most cities, it seems like there is one on every corner. For the person who seems to have everything, give them the gift of never having their name spelled wrong by the barista again! 

Personalized Starbucks cups are a great gift for that very reason. They come in a variety of different colors and can be personalized not only with their name but also with how they like their coffee. Plus, reusable cups are great for the environment! Most Starbucks also give a small discount for people who use them. They make the perfect gift for any coffee lover that prefers that someone else make their morning cup of joe.

#2) A Customized Pet Portrait

Even the people who have everything likely don’t have a customized pet portrat!

Customized pet portraits make the perfect gift because they are a sweet, unique, witty way to celebrate the special pet in their life. All you need to do is get a high quality, close up, eye level photo of their pet looking away from the camera. Just simply choose one of the 150 different costume options, upload the photo, and let the team do all the work. There are plenty of options for nearly every interest or style choice, so they can be personalized specifically to what your giftee is into.

The result is a one of a kind gift that your loved one will cherish for the rest of their lives.


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#3) The Gift of an Experience

Sometimes the best gift isn’t really a physical gift at all! If you’re looking for a gift option for someone but you’re not sure what to get to really surprise them, consider giving them the gift of an experience they haven’t had before.

Experiences can encompass almost anything that they’re into. For instance, you can plan a local brewery tour for them complete with a gift card to every place they’ll go. Or you can give them a session of classes of that new fitness trend they’ve always wanted to try. Whatever you do, you’ll create an experience that they’ll remember forever. If you want to make it even more special, go with them!

#4) Gift Cards

Instead of getting someone who seems to have everything else as a gift, give them the gift of being able to choose it themselves!

Gift cards, especially when you purchase more than one and give them in a gift basket you’ve put together yourself, allow you to let them decide what they need on their own. Gift cards for their favorite restaurant, their favorite store, or to a place that they’ve considered but never pulled the trigger on (like having a pet portrait created) let them know that you care without the need for them to return something that they already have. Throw in some other goodies, like candy that they’re into, and you’ll have a gift sure to surprise and delight them.

#5) A Coffee Gift Basket

If your loved one is really into coffee, making your own coffee gift basket is a great idea. Make sure that you find out what type of coffee they are specifically into, like light or dark roasts, so that you can get them exactly what they like. Check out local coffee shops to provide them with a selection of local beans, as well, while also supporting local, small businesses.

If you want to up the ante even further, you can also give them a mug with a picture of someone who is important to them printed on it, like their child or their pet. That way, they’ll think not only of them but also of you as they enjoy their morning cup of coffee. Think of it like giving the gift of the energy to take on their day!

#6) Matching DNA Kits

More and more people are interested in finding out more about their genetic background. But why stop there? 

Give them the gift of not only finding out where they come from, but also where their dog does! There are plenty of options for genetic testing, like 23 and Me and Ancestry, which can not only tell them where their ancestors may have come from but can also inform them about their genetic health susceptibility. The options for pets are expanding too, like Wisdom Panel, which can tell them exactly what breeds make up their special pup. 

#7) Massage

Everyone can use a little self care and relaxation. The truth of most people’s lives is that they are often great at taking care of everyone else but not so great at taking care of themselves. Give them the gift of massage and help change all that, even if it's just for an hour.

Massage has many positive benefits for people, including both physical and mental relaxation.  It’s great for relieving pain and stress, and just gives people the break that they often know they need but feel too guilty to take. 

#8) Baked Goods

You don’t always have to buy something to give as a gift. Sometimes the best gifts are those that you make yourself!

Baked goods are the perfect example of that. Find out what your loved one likes most and make it for them. Whether that is a simple chocolate chip cookie or an intricate three-layer devil’s food chocolate cake (depending on your skill and comfort level, of course), items baked with love show them that you care enough to spend time creating something just for them.

#9) Year Passes For Local Museums

If your special loved one is into culture, give them the gift of a year long pass to their favorite museum. This allows them to go out and look at art (or whatever they are into and is offered locally) whenever they want. It’s also a way to help them promote better self care and allow them to do something that they love without having to worry about how much it costs. 

If there aren’t any museums locally, give them passes to the closest one and offer to go with them and drive. You can also give them a gift card to the gift shop, so that they can take home a way to remember their experience for years to come.


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#10) Cozy Items

Who doesn’t love cozy stuff? 

Cozy items, like blankets, sweatshirts, slippers, and pillows, give the gift of comfort. They’re like giving a hug that your loved one can wear or snuggle up to, especially when the weather turns colder. They come in an almost endless amount of colors, patterns, and materials so that they can match their specific, unique style or interior design. Plus, you can never have too many cozy things around, especially during times of stress. It’s a way for you to be present, even when you’re unable to be physically.

No matter what you decide to buy, purchasing a gift with love behind it is always the right way to go. Anything that is thoughtful and has meaning and intention says to your loved one, no matter how much money you spend, that they are important to you and that you care.