5 Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers

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Make A Cat Lover Feel Special On Their Birthday

Cats have a loyal, devoted fan club, and for good reason. Many cat owners love their feline friends for their intelligence, personality and quiet demeanor. Every cat is unique, and owning a cat can be a uniquely rewarding experience. 

For many cat lovers, there are few things in life that will bring more joy than anything that reminds them of their pet. That’s why, when a cat lover’s birthday comes around, one of the best ways to make them feel special is to give them a gift that revolves around their cat.

You might be wondering how to give a cat lover a great birthday gift that is unique to them and their relationship with their pet. Luckily, you came to the right place! At Crown & Paw, we are all about creating one-of-a-kind, completely unique gifts for pet lovers. 

In this post, we’ll give you some inspiration with 5 hilarious birthday gifts for cat lovers. You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome gift ideas – you might say they’re...purr-fect.

1. Giving A Gift To A Cat Lover Who’s A Film Buff? Here’s The Perfect Present 

If you need to find a perfect gift for a cat lover who also loves movies and TV, Crown & Paw has you covered. Because, of course, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch with your cat and watching one of your favorite movies or TV shows. Unless, of course, you could do it with a one-of-a-kind portrait of your cat hanging above the couch!

With our unique pet portraits, we can turn any pet into a furry version of a beloved fictional character. One of our talented artists can take your photo of a pet and use it as the reference point for an incredible work of art. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that is bound to make any pop culture-loving cat owner smile. 

Crown & Paw’s pet portraits give you plenty of freedom to customize and personalize your artwork. You can choose from a wide variety of costumes for a pet to wear from favorite movies and TV shows, including Star Wars, the Marvel cinematic universe, Game of Thrones, and much, much more. There’s something for the Peaky Blinders fans, for lovers of classic horror movies, and even for the Trekkies and die-hard J.R.R. Tolkien fans.

To make things even better, this gift is incredibly simple to give. All you need is a photo of your friend or family member’s cat. Once you’ve taken a photo, you can upload it to Crown & Paw’s website, and our gifted team of artists will take over from there! It’s that simple!



2. Got A Cat-Loving Friend Who Always Needs A Caffeine Fix? We Have You Covered 

Need to get the perfect gift for someone who is always drinking coffee or tea? Look no further than one of Crown & Paw’s pet portrait mugs! Available in multiple sizes for varying levels of caffeine dependency, these mugs are perfect for any cat lover whose affection for their feline friend is rivaled only by their love of tasty drinks!

Crown & Paw’s pet portrait mugs can come with artwork of a friend or family member’s cat in a wide range of hilarious costumes. These mugs are bound to get a laugh out of anyone who finds them in the office cabinet, as well as the barista at your local coffee shop. Seeing a cat’s adorable face staring back at you from a coffee mug is hilarious in itself, but it’s even funnier when you realize that this particular feline is dressed up as Freddy Kreuger or is wearing a top hat and tuxedo. 

Pet portrait mugs from Crown & Paw are made with never-fade printing, making them dishwasher safe and perfect for everyday use. These mugs are designed to withstand the demands of even the most hardcore coffee drinkers. If you have a friend who loves their cat and drinks a couple lattes per day, this mug is the ideal gift for them.

3. Do You Know A Cat Lover That Loves To Stay Cozy? 

Cuddling up with your cat under a warm blanket makes for a picture-perfect night at home. That’s why one of Crown & Paw’s pet portrait blankets is one of the best birthday gifts you can get for a cat lover. These blankets are unbelievably fuzzy, and unbelievably funny, too.

There’s something hilarious about the facial expressions a cat makes. If you are giving a present to a cat lover for their birthday, it’s a great idea to milk the hilarity of their cat’s face for all it’s worth. And, of course, their cat’s face is somehow even more adorable and funny when it is printed on a giant, fuzzy blanket!

Crown and Paw’s pet portrait blankets are ideal gifts for a cat lover who appreciates the simple things in life – snuggling with your cat while wrapped up like a burrito in a warm blanket. There’s nothing better than that!

4. Writing A Birthday Card For A Cat Lover? Throw In Some Funny Feline Puns! 

If you want to get a laugh out of a cat lover on their birthday, throw some purr-fect puns in their birthday card! You might just be kitten around, but you can make a fur-rend’s day by giving them a heartfelt card filled with silly puns. 

“Purr-don me,” You could being your card, “But let’s not fur-get that today is paw-sibly the most important day of the year – your birthday!” Even if it is a little cheesy and goofy, a sweet, handwritten note that includes some funny feline wordplay can be the highlight of a cat lover’s birthday. Sometimes, it’s the simplest little things that make a birthday special, and handwritten birthday cards are no exception!

5. Not Sure What to Get? Grab A Crown & Paw Gift Card

If you’re feeling a bit indecisive about what to get for a cat lover in your life on their birthday, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Crown & Paw!

When you don’t know what to get for a cat-loving friend or family member, sometimes it’s best to let them decide what the best gift is for them. That’s where Crown & Paw gift cards come in! A gift card lets your cat-loving loved one choose exactly what pet-themed present is right for them. In addition, giving a gift card allows the recipient of your gift to take their own photo of their cat and choose the perfect costume for it to wear in its unique portrait.

By giving a cat lover the fur-eedom to choose what they get for their birthday from Crown & Paw, you’re free from the fear that you might pick the wrong outfit for their cat’s portrait, or get them a mug when they really wanted a pillow. Although there is something special about being surprised with a tangible, physical gift on your birthday, a cat lover can definitely appreciate a gift card to the perfect place for them to find a gift that reminds them of how awesome their cat is.

When you need to get the perfect gift for a cat lover for their birthday, Crown & Paw has you covered. With unique, custom artwork that is bound to get both laughs and “awws” from anyone that sees it, we’re ready and able to make this the best birthday that a cat lover in your life has ever had!