New Puppy Gift Ideas: 7 Things To Buy Someone With a New Furry Friend


If you’ve ever adopted a new puppy before, you know that very little can actually prepare you for those first few weeks. Between all the crying, the chewed up shoes, the accidents on the carpet, and the many late night trips outside, there isn’t much difference between a puppy and a baby when it comes to the toll it can take on a person (no matter how experienced at it they may be). 

Fortunately, we’re here to come to the rescue with a list of some of the best “new puppy” gifts we’ve discovered. While nothing can replace the lost sleep, these come pretty close. And, with puppy showers becoming part of the new norm, you won’t be left questioning what exactly you can give them that they won’t already have.


For many people, caffeine is an absolutely essential part of making it through having a new puppy in the home. Without it, they really start to feel those negative effects that sleep deprivation can bring, not only on the body but also on the mind.

Since most can’t just stay home from work to handle the transition stage, people just end up powering through and heading to work on little to no sleep. Not only is this dangerous (sleep deprivation is a leading cause of accidents), it is also just unpleasant.

Come to their rescue by giving them the gift of caffeine, via gift cards to local coffee shops or even a bag of already ground, ready to go coffee. They will definitely thank you.

Ways to Show Off Their New Puppy

While your loved one may have thought of every single thing they’ll likely need to bring home a new puppy and help them acclimate to their home, they probably haven’t thought of buying much for themselves! 

Giving them ways that they can show off their new family member is another great gift idea. For the younger generation, consider a phone case or sticker for their laptop. For the older generation, a unique picture frame that they can take to work and proudly display is often a hit. No matter what you choose, try to cater it directly to their interests. They’re going to be exceptionally proud of their new arrival, so help them show him or her off with style and ease!

Teething Toys

Depending on the age of the puppy, one thing that new pet owners especially often forget to pick up with the other supplies are puppy teething toys. Puppies tend to teethe starting around four months, as their baby, “milk teeth” fall out and are replaced by their adult teeth and molars. It can be incredibly uncomfortable for them, which is why they chew on any and everything in sight. 

To help with that, consider giving a few puppy teething toys as a gift. We especially love the type that you can put in the freezer first, which adds a cooling element when the puppy chews on it. The puppy may go from an absolute terror to a perfect angel in no time flat. Just make sure to choose a size that fits with their new puppy’s size and breed. Too big will be no fun, and too small may even be a choking hazard.

Puppy Training Pads and Tools

If you’ve had a new puppy yourself, you probably already know all about the “accident” situation. Although puppies try their absolutely hardest, accidents happen. Not only are their bladders super small, they also don’t have the training required to know that they need to hold them. 

To help your loved one out, give them training pads and other helpful bathroom training tools. Training pads can help them when they’re in the crate, or if they’re relegated to a specific room of the house. And the other tools, like an enzyme spray for when the inevitable happens, can help clean up the mess without leaving an odor or a stain. They probably don’t know they need them, but will thank you in abundance after just a single day with their new furry friend.

Safety Devices

With so much of new puppyhood being super fun and exciting, many pet owners (especially people who haven’t ever had a puppy before) can forget about some of the less traditionally exciting things. Safety devices usually fall solidly into this category for most people.

Although we don’t like to think about it, accidents can happen with puppies. Their excitement and lack of awareness and life skills is adorable, but can also get them into serious trouble around the house. Falls down the stairs and electrocution injuries from chewing cords are two of the most common. Help your loved one prevent a tragic accident by purchasing them a few safety devices, like baby gates and electrical outlet caps. Crates are another great idea, as long as they’re open to the idea.

A Gift Basket

If you can’t decide on what to buy that new puppy owner in your life, don’t! One of the more fun gifts that you can give is a gift basket, full of some of the things we’ve discussed as well as other gift cards. 

Crown & Paw gift cards are a great choice, so that they can pick out their own pet painting to have customized. Gift cards to puppy subscription boxes, like Bark Box, are also a great idea. You may even want to throw in some gifts that can help the owners get out of the house - like a gift card to their favorite restaurant or movie theater. 

Some people may also choose to add treats for both the humans and the dogs (clearly marked, of course). Just make sure that you verify that neither one has any specific food allergies. You don’t want to start their new puppy experience off with a trip to the ER!

Gift baskets allow for endless customization, so they can truly be catered specifically for your loved one and their unique needs and interests. Plus, they’re fun and adorable to both give and receive!


One of the best gifts that you can give a new puppy owner is the gift of your time. Whether that means you offer to puppysit while they have a night out or just that you come over and spend some time with them during the early days when they can’t leave the house much, your time and support is so important.

Having a new puppy can lead to a lot of feelings of isolation from other friends and family not living in the home. When combined with the stress and anxiety of a new furry friend, people can get into a negative headspace fairly quickly. Making sure that they know you’re there for them, and that they can lean on you for whatever they may need, doesn’t even cost a thing.

And remember, even if you’ve been through the new puppy experience time and time again, don’t be pushy about offering advice. While you may know what they’re doing “right” or “wrong,” bringing it up can make them feel bad and isolate them even further. Be a wealth of information at their disposal, but don’t force that advice on them.

New puppies are so many things at once - excited, adorable, exhausting, stressful, etc. Overall though, they are absolutely life changing. Help your loved one with their new addition by giving them a gift that they can actually use. And, more than anything, be present. This can be an incredibly trying time in their life, so just lend an ear and a shoulder. It’s the best gift in the world.