Personalized Dog Gifts: How to wow the dog lover in your life

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Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or just because, personalized dog gifts are sure to wow any dog lover in your life. But it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to find a gift that feels unique and customized to exactly who they are and what they’re into. We’re here to help! 

Here at Crown & Paw, we believe that dog lovers are some of the most special people in the entire world. They deserve the perfect gift, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Matching Sweaters

One of our favorite personalized dog gifts out there is also one of the most adorable. We’ve all seen those adorable elderly couples out and about, wearing their matching tracksuits, partners for life. Seeing them makes us feel warm inside, and we often wish that we had that kind of love and devotion in our lives. 

The great news is, you can help the dog lover in your life feel exactly the same way! When you purchase them matching sweaters with their dogs, you help commemorate and honor the unique bond that dog owners have with their pets. 

The best part about matching sweaters is that, because of their popularity, you can find them almost anywhere. That means that you can find a sweater style for almost any aesthetic that your giftee may be into. It allows for an endless amount of customization so that you can find the most personalized gift out there for anyone on your shopping list.



”Jewelry” Sets

If you don’t think that matching sweaters would be the right gift idea for the dog loved in your life, consider a set of matching “jewelry” instead. While it’s definitely not safe for a dog to wear an actual necklace, having a tag on their collar that matches a bracelet or a necklace that their owner can wear will be a huge hit.

Think of it like those friendship bracelets that used to be popular a few decades ago. There isn’t anything that shows love and loyalty quite like wearing a matching friendship bracelet or anklet with your best friend forever. Jewelry sets elicit the same feeling, only with their best friend “furever.” They’ll be able to wear a subtle reminder of how much their pet really means to them while also knowing just how important they are to you. And everyone loves getting jewelry as a gift!

In addition, a dog wearing a tag is far more likely to make it back home if they accidentally get out of the house or the backyard. That means you’re giving the gift of safety, as well. 

Custom Pet Portraits

Although we may be a little partial, we’ve always believed that custom pet portraits are one of the best ways to showcase the special bond between a dog and their owner. That’s why we got into the business!

With a custom pet portrait, they’ll have a special piece of artwork commemorating their relationship with their pet that they can hang on the wall for the rest of their lives. Talk about longevity! 

Having a custom piece of artwork creating requires a little stealth, as you’ll need to get a good quality photograph of their beloved pet head-on. Once you’ve acquired that photo, though, all you need to do is upload it onto the website and choose the theme that you think they’d like the best. Then you get to just sit back and let the magic happen! We’ll create a custom piece of artwork that will be sure to delight them, and you’ll get all the credit. 

Personalized Coffee Mugs

For the dog lover in your life that can’t even imagine living without their morning cup of coffee, look no further than a personalized coffee mug. When you give them a coffee mug that has their special pet’s adorable face on it, mornings will get that much better. 

Coffee mugs are a great way to help your giftee caffeinate in the morning while also allowing them to show off their pet. They’ll love being able to look at their best friend every single morning, even when they’re miles away at work. Although we all wish that we could spend all day long with our pets, or even bring them to work with us, we eventually have to leave them to spend time working for a living. 

A personalized coffee mug, especially when paired with a freshly ground bag of locally roasted coffee or even just a package of hot chocolate, is like giving the gift of a warm, cozy hug. And who wouldn’t love that? Even tea drinkers can appreciate a nice, hot cup covered with a picture of their favorite animal in the whole world.

Ways To Stay Active

If your giftee is the type who loves to stay fit and active, why not give them the gift of being able to do that more often with their canine bestie?

Most people know just how important it is for dogs to stay active. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, dogs need plenty of exercise to keep their bodies and brains healthy. A bored dog is a destructive dog, so keeping any dog tired and mentally engaged is the best way to keep the house safe from being chewed on. 

There are plenty of ways that people can exercise with their dogs. Gifts that encourage them to go hiking together, like portable water bowls, are a good start. There are also fitness trackers that can be synced together to keep track of the health of both the pet and its owner. And, if you’re otherwise out of ideas, give them a huge basket of tennis balls and a few rackets. The owner will burn calories heading out to the tennis court to hit the balls around, and their dog will love chasing them for hours on end. Everyone wins.

Subscription Boxes

If you can’t decide on one thing to buy your giftee, don’t! Subscription boxes offer a great opportunity, not only to surprise them with multiple gifts in one but also to allow the gift to literally keep giving for as many months as you choose. Much like matching sweaters, due to the popularity of the subscription box option, there is a box out there for nearly every dog lover on your list.

You can choose from subscription boxes that are catered just to their dog or one that has products for both the dog and their owner. Imagine how surprised they will be when they continue to get boxes, even months after their special day has come and gone. It’s a great way to show them that you’re thinking of them all year long, not just on holidays.

Tech Gifts

If you have someone in your life that not only loves their dog but is also obsessed with technology, why not combine the two? Tech-based gifts for dog lovers are the perfect way to combine both of their obsessions in a way that allows both human and pet to enjoy the gift.

Like we mentioned above, fitness technology has evolved to the point that there are even options for dogs! These are great gifts for active dog lovers who also really care about their pet’s health and fitness.

If that doesn’t sound like them, why not get them a personalized phone case with a picture of their dog’s face on it? Phone cases will get plenty of use and give them a way to brag about their pet without having to whip out picture after picture. Plus, personalized phone cases add a little extra fun to their lives. They’ll love it.



Cozy Gifts

In the past few years, a concept known as “hygge” has been sweeping the United States. Simply put, hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses a feel of cozy, quiet comfort. And who doesn’t love feeling cozy?

If you really want to wow your dog lover, especially in a time when we’re all spending more time at home than we usually do, give them the gift of comfort. Try a fluffy sherpa blanket with a picture of their pet dressed up in renaissance clothing, or get them a new pair of fuzzy slippers (and maybe a dog top shaped like slippers for their pet to be able to chew on without getting in trouble). They’ll love to spend time on the couch with their pet, enjoying a movie or binging a TV series while staying warm. 

In Summary…

No matter who the dog lover is that you’re purchasing a gift for or what they’re into, personalized gifts are all the rage. If you have a general idea of what exactly your giftee likes and how they like to spend time with their dog, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift to honor their unique human-pet bond. Crown & Paw believes that it is a bond worthy of celebration.