What makes the best personalized pet gift?

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When a regular, box store gift just won’t cut it for that special pet lover in your life, personalized gifts are often just the ticket. When it comes to finding the best personalized pet gift for anyone on your shopping list, Crown & Paw is ready, willing, and able to help you bring a smile to their face. Wow your giftee this year with a gift that really shows how much you care about them and how much thought you put into finding them the perfect thing.

Why Custom Gifts Matter, Especially For Pet Owners

Why should you go out of your way to get a custom gift instead of just grabbing something at a store?

For starters, did you know that there is an entire branch of psychology dedicated to studying the “types” of gift-givers? With so many gift-giving holidays, like Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, the pressure to feel like you’re getting it right can be overwhelming and immense.

Go ahead and take a deep breath, though. We’re going to let you in on a little secret. It really isn't the actual gift that matters. It’s the thought that you put behind it, not the money that you spend. Hopefully, that takes a little of the pressure off! 

Custom gifts are a great idea for any pet lover in your life. When you create a custom gift, it shows right away how much thought that you put into it. People respond to the love and care that just radiates out of personalized gifts, and they are so much more personal and caring than just sticking some cash in a card. When you buy a gift, you’re buying it for a reason—you care about that person. Personalized gifts show you care.

When it comes to pet owners, custom gifts tend to be even more exciting. The human-pet bond is one of the tightest bonds out there, full of unconditional love and acceptance that some people don’t feel like they get in any other relationship in their lives. When you buy a pet owner a custom gift with their pet in mind (or even on it!), it shows that you understand just how important their pet is to them. Some people just don’t get that.

That said, let’s talk about a few gift ideas!



Personalized T-Shirts

While you used to have to go to the mall and have a personalized t-shirt made for you while you wait, the internet has made buying this type of custom gift so much easier and more convenient.

Personalized t-shirts aren’t for everyone. They really make great gifts for those who are the type to want to show off their pet, no matter what. Keep in mind that some people may get embarrassed by the idea of a t-shirt like this, so really make sure you’re paying attention to who your giftee is and what they like.

However, if they’d be into this, the sky really is the limit when it comes to customizing t-shirts for their specific situation. You can have an actual picture of their pet printed on the shirt or just a silhouette. You can be even more subtle and just have their name embroidered above a pocket. They’ll love being able to wear their pet on their chest, even when they’re far from home. 

If you really want to take it to a whole other gift-giving level, consider buying a matching t-shirt for their pet! Dog t-shirts, and even t-shirts that can fit cats, are super popular right now. Your pet-loving giftee will cherish being able to take a spin around the block with their pet in their matching shirts. You’ll be the hit of the party.


If you have a pet lover in your life who wouldn’t want to wear their pet on their shirt but would still enjoy a subtle way of being able to show off their pet, customized pet socks are a fun, hilarious option.

There are plenty of companies out there that create customized pet socks, so you can find one that offers the type of aesthetic that your giftee is in there. Simply choose one, upload a photo, and enjoy the smiles presenting a customized pair of pet socks will bring. 

Custom Pet Portraits

The pièce de résistance of custom gifts is having a pet portrait created specifically for the pet lover on your list. There really aren’t many other personalized gifts that have the same type of “wow” effect.

This is likely because custom pet portraits are more than just a photo to hang on the wall. They truly are a work of art featuring their very own work of art. And they’re far more simple to create than you may think. 

To create a personalized pet portrait, all that you need to do is get a forward-facing, clear picture of your pet. The best part is, these portraits can be made for nearly any pet that you are able to get a picture of—dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, and even turtles! 

The only decision you need to make is what outfit you’d like us to put them in. Then you can just sit back and wait for your recipient to open it. There are hundreds of possibilities for customization so that you can have the perfect custom pet portrait created, and you’ll get all the credit while we do all the hard work.

Any pet lover will enjoy being able to hang a special piece of art on their wall, allowing them to showcase just how important their pet is to them while keeping with the aesthetic of their home.

Coffee Mugs

If the pet lover you’re purchasing for seems like they already have too much art hanging on their walls, or if they’re not an art person in general, that doesn’t mean you can’t have something customized.

Coffee mugs that you have customized with a picture of their pet, dressed up however you think they’d like the most, are a fun way to show that you know just how much their pet means to them. 

Most people like to start their day with a hot cup of coffee, so giving them a custom coffee mug lets them show off their precious furry friend while they partake in one of the most commonly enjoyed beverages in the world. And it turns out coffee is also good for you, so you’re really giving them a gift that can keep them healthy as well. 

If you really want to up the ante, combine the custom mug with a gift basket of other items that will help them enjoy their coffee just a little bit more—locally roasted coffee beans, a french press, simple syrups, and other gifts that any coffee lover will appreciate. This gift will be especially appreciated by those with puppies, as caffeine is an essential part of the puppy raising process.

Custom Comfy Cozy Gifts

Especially in the cooler weather, everyone appreciates a cozy gift. With the popularity of the Danish concept of hygge, a way of practicing self-care by focusing on surrounding yourself with things that make your soul feel cozy, people are turning more and more to home items that elicit that type of feeling.

If you have a pet owner on your list that seems to always be surrounded with blankets, or simply one who seems to always be cold, a custom gift meant to keep them warm and comfortable is the perfect option.

One of our favorite options to achieve this is by creating a customized blanket with their pet on it. It works the same as having a custom pet portrait created, except they can wrap themselves up in this gift as they lounge on their couch when the snow falls. They’ll love the ability to stay warm while spending long weekends on the couch, binging TV series, and petting their beloved cat or dog. 

Custom pet blankets also make great gifts for people who are going to be leaving home for college and have to leave their childhood pet behind. Starting on a journey like that can be scary, as can leaving behind one of their best friends. Give them a blanket that they can take with them, no matter where they go, which will remind them that they aren’t nearly as far away as they think. Just be prepared for tears!



In Summary…

Personalized pet gifts are one of the most fun, creative ways of giving a gift, no matter the time of year or special occasion. When you give someone a gift that you’ve had customized for them, it really showcases not only the bond that they have with their pet but the bond that the two of you have as well. 

With Crown & Paw, you won’t go wrong. Happy gifting! Remember, a gift given with love and care is the best gift of all, no matter how much it costs.