Pet-Friendly Home Hacks: Creating a Safe Haven for Your Furry Friend

Unfortunately, our pets are not immune to accidents in the home. The very curiosity that exists in our furry friends can get them into trouble. As such, it’s not uncommon for pets to suffer injuries from swallowed objects, fractured toenails or teeth, bites from other pets in the home, or lacerations.

And, that’s why as pet owners, we need to do what we can to keep our pets safe at home. Let’s explore options for a pet-friendly home design so that your pet stays healthy, happy, and safe.

Designing a Purrfect Pet-Friendly Home 

The Admira Cat Blanket

If you own a pet, you want them to receive the best possible care. That’s why you prioritize their visits to the vet each year for vaccinations. It’s why you take your dog for a walk each day. It’s why you change your cat’s little box regularly. But when it comes to caring for our pet, we need to look at the place where they spend most of their time—their home.

Coming up with a pet-friendly home design is about more than convenience. The focus needs to be on keeping your pet happy, comfortable, and safe. Doing so helps reduce the risk of accidents and ensures your pet feels comfortable enough to thrive. And when they thrive, that special bond between the two of you and other members of the family will begin to flourish.

Style and Functionality are a Balancing Act

So, let’s be honest. No one wants to live in a sterile environment that feels like your doctor’s office or your pet’s veterinary clinic. And why should you have to compromise on style just for a functional space?

The key is in thoughtful planning vs. a rushed approach. And the result? A purrfectly-planned home design that is styling and safe, and works well with your lifestyle. 

Who says you need to sacrifice your design and visual preferences? In fact, your designs and the looks you love should be a focal point in your home's unique charm. Add some pet-inspired art for the bathroom, or hang a mural of your beloved furry family member above the fireplace if you are looking for pet-friendly living room ideas. Incorporate your pet as much or as little as you want to, as long as your eye stays focused on keeping them free from imminent (and preventable) dangers.

When you balance your personal style with function, you’ll be left with a space suited to you and your personality and safe for your pet, too. 

Tips for Creating a Safe Living Environment

Check out this helpful list of recommendations from Crown & Paw:

  • Select Durable Materials: We know pets like jumping, scratching, and playing. And all that energy can create wear and tear on your flooring. We recommend stain-resistant fabrics and scratch-resistant surfaces such as tile, vinyl, and laminate.
  • Washable Fabrics: While we might not always understand it, pets like to lick and roll around on various materials. So, choosing fabrics that are easy to clean is super important. Consider options like microfiber, leather, and certain synthetic materials. These fabrics look great but are less likely to be damaged by sharp paws.
  • A Space for Fido: We know your pet is a beloved family member, but that doesn’t mean they can be anywhere or do anything they want. Create a dedicated space for your pet that is theirs and theirs alone. When your pet knows the rules and understands where they can play, rest, and eat, they’re less likely to get into mischief. These dedicated and designated spaces can help maintain order and protect your pet from potential hazards.
  • Organization: We’ll discuss this more below, but pets sometimes chew on (and swallow) items they shouldn’t. That’s why it is so important to pick up after kids, and keep pet-dangerous items away from their reach. Further, keep pet toys, supplies, and accessories organized and in a dedicated space. Not only does this prevent clutter and keep your home cleaner, but it can reduce the risk of accidents for not just your pet, but for you, too. 
  • Pet-Friendly Plants: If you have a green thumb and like to have greens and flowering plants in the home, be sure to pick non-toxic ones. We suggest pet-friendly plants like spider plants, Boston ferns, orchids, and friendship plants. Going for non-toxic options ensures your pet remains safe and you can still enjoy plants adoring your home.

Want to Keep Your Pet Safe at Home? Remove the Common Offenders

One of the most common pet accidents that can send any pet owner into a frenzy is when our furry friends decide to swallow something they shouldn't. And what do pets like to swallow? Well, it seems just about anything small enough to fit into their curious mouths. 

Here are some of the most common offenders:

  • Bones
  • String (yarn, twine, shoelaces, etc.)
  • Yarn
  • Sewing needles
  • Socks (we can’t emphasize this one enough)
  • Fish hooks
  • Rawhide
  • Small tennis balls
  • Small pieces of wood

Prioritize Pet Safety in Your Home


Creating a pet-friendly home means taking the time to remove potential hazards that could cause harm. Here are a couple of suggestions to follow to keep your pet safe:

  1. Put Small Objects Away: As we said above, small items can be very hazardous to pets. If those items remain in your pet’s stomach for more than a couple of hours, it can often lead to costly and painful veterinary procedures, and that’s to say that a surgical procedure can even take care of the problem. The longer those items sit in your pet’s belly, the more likely they are to lead to infection, and the higher your chances are that your pet can become sick.
  2. Provide Your Pet With Their Own Blanket: Incorporating a custom pet blanket into your home decor can help your furry companion feel safe and cozy. This designated cozy blanket in their own pet zone or resting spot can discourage them from seeking warmth and comfort in potentially dangerous areas.

Pet Proofing to Keep Your Pet Companion Safe

Childproofing and pet-proofing your home almost go hand in hand. Many of the safety measures we use for children can also work wonders for our pets:

The Astronaut Dog Canvas
  1. Safety Gates: Install sturdy pet gates to restrict access to certain areas, especially if you have stairs. This keeps pets from going up and down stairs, reducing the risk of falls.
  2. Protective Acrylic for Banisters: Place protective acrylic sheets in front of banisters or railings to prevent pets from squeezing through and potentially falling or getting stuck. Small dog breeds such as chihuahuas, cavaliers and cavapoos, teacup poodles, Yorkshire terriers, etc., can easily fit between the standard spacing of four inches on a banister. Puppies of any breed and kittens, can also find these spaces perilous. 
  3. Deck and Porch Hazards: Pay attention to outdoor spaces, too. Ensure there are no gaps in railings or dangerous items within reach. Similar to interior banisters, these areas can be treacherous for little pets. Make sure your Ootdoor spaces are as safe as your indoor areas.
  4. Fences: Many pet owners invest in fences to surround their backyards so that their pets can run and play at will. However, depending on the grade or slope of your lawn, many fences still have gaps underneath that smaller pets can crawl under. Be sure to walk your yard perimeter regularly to seek out any gaps, and be sure to keep them closed up.

By taking these safety measures, you can significantly reduce the risks of common accidents, ensuring that your pets remain happy, healthy, and secure within your home.

Creating the Best Possible Pet Home

Every decision you make in your interior design can contribute to the well-being and happiness of your pets. The safety measures we discussed, from safeguarding against accidental swallowing to childproofing for pets, should always be at the forefront of your mind.

A home is more than just a place where your pets reside; it's a haven that nurtures their health, comfort, and joy. By providing a space that accommodates your personal taste and your pet's needs, you create an environment that enhances your bond and ensures a safe and loving atmosphere.

So, as you work to transform your living space into a pet-friendly abyss, remember that it all lies in the safety, care, and love you place into your home environment. Your commitment to keeping them safe will undoubtedly lead to many cherished moments with your furry companions; ultimately, that truly matters.