Creating Memories: Pet-Related Gifts That Kids Will Treasure

When it comes to gift-giving, we often think that there has to be a reason. And for kids, the typical reasons are pretty clear—birthdays, Christmas, school-related milestones, etc. But we also believe that you can give gifts, just because. Perhaps it is just to surprise a child who has been down in the dumps a bit lately. Or to let them know you are thinking of them. Or, it can be to help commemorate a special relationship with their pet—like giving your kids custom dog mugs that they can fill with hot cocoa after a long day of sledding in the winter. But that isn’t the only option for pet-related gifts that will great memories your child will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Top 6 Pet-Related Gifts for Your Pet-Loving Kiddo

Most kids are pretty simple. Give them a gift, they’re happy. Sure, they have those things they love to pick out when walking through the toy aisles at the local department store—video games, the latest action figure, the newest Barbie doll. But many kids are tickled when they receive a gift that is customized to them and honors the love that they have for their pet (even those temporary pets that kids get before they get the real deal).

This all said, we know that kids and pets develop a bond that is nothing short of extraordinary. You see it all the time in YouTube and TikTok videos. Video after video of kids and their pets developing a relationship that many of us, quite frankly, are a bit jealous of. That’s why pet-related presents can be a total game-changer when you gift them to your child. So, what are the best pet-related gifts to give? We’ve got some suggestions.

1.   Personalized Dog Blankets

So, we know you might be reading this article in the heat of the summer, and we referenced hot cocoa abve. But, that isn’t to say that a cozy blanket isn’t a great gift at any time of the year. And how cool is a blanket that is emblazoned with a favorite photo of your child and their beloved pet together? These gifts are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, and maybe some happy tears as well.

2.   Custom Dog Mugs

Okay, so we’re calling it a dog mug, but it isn’t a mug for the dog—it’s for your kid! Come on parents, haven’t you ever been gifted a wine glass or beer mug with some funny photo or saying on it? Well, for kids, mugs are where it’s at. And it doesn’t mean that their kid-friendly libations are restricted to just cocoa. Kids will drink just about anything out of anything. So that means their custom dog mug can be used for water, milk, their favorite juice, etc.

3.   Pet T-Shirts

Little kids love t-shirts that showcase their favorite characters. You’ll see little boys sporting t-shirts with their favorite Agenger or other super-hero. Little girls are known to love t-shirts with Hello Kitty, Barbie, Anna or Fiona, or cute little sayings. And teens and adults love t-shirts that show off their favorite bands—Def Leppard or DuranDuran are at the top of our list.

So, why wouldn’t a kid love a t-shirt with a photo of Fido or Kitty on it? Trust us, they’ll love it. Just be prepared to get them a new shirt year over year as they outgrow the old ones (or love them to to the end).

4.   Pet Puzzle Games

We all know that puzzles are good for our brains, and it's no different for kids. A University of Chicago study found that children who played with puzzles between the ages of two and four had better spatial skills when they were four and a half years old. Spatial skills are super important for success in math, science, and technology.

Imagine the joy on your child's face as they piece together a puzzle featuring their beloved pet. Not only does it provide endless entertainment, but it also encourages cognitive development.

5.   Custom Pet Portraits

Kids are notoriousfor wanting to put stuff on their walls. In fact, they’ll often do what they can to cover every square inch with posters and photos of their favorite things. So, why not dress up their room with a photo wall featuring photos of their favorite pet?

You can check out websites like Crown & Paw for creative photos showing the pet dressed up in various costumes. Or, keep it simple and send in a photo of your child and pet together and have it turned into a canvas print. Your kid will love it.

6.   Pet Adoption Kits

Last but certainly not least, if your child wants a pet but isn’t quite ready, consider a pet adoption kit. These are available from a wide variety of online sites and brick-and-mortar retailers. Most kits will include a stuffie, a personalized adoption certificate, and even a small guidebook on pet care, allowing your child to experience the joy of pet ownership in a gentle and educational way. It’s a great way to let your kid take on some responsibility for a pet, without actually having a pet.

Cherish the Child-Pet Bond with These Helpful Pet-Related Gift Suggestions

Pet-related gifts like custom dog mugs, personalized blankets, and pet adoption kits can create lasting memories for kids. These thoughtful presents not only celebrate the special bond between children and their pets but also nurture empathy and responsibility. So, check through our list to see what gift will be best for your child. And as a helpful hint, stock up on a few and tuck them away to have for unexpected special occasions when your child is deserving of a special reward.