5 Photo Display Ideas That Will Bring Your Memories To Life

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Memories are important. They help us to remember happy times, important life events, and special people, whether those people and times were recent or happened years before. There is a special power to being able to memorialize those things, no matter how you choose to do it. 

Instead of taking the traditional route, Crown & Paw has a few creative ideas for photo display ideas that will really help you to bring your memories to life.  

#1) Pet Canvas Prints

One of our favorite, unique photo display ideas is to get custom pet canvas prints. Instead of traditional photos that are just a recreation of your loved one, pet canvas prints can take that to the next level. 

With just a picture of your pet’s adorable face (preferably taken in natural light, at eye level), you can choose from over 150 different outfits that allow you to really capture your pet’s true essence. From regal outfits like The Admiral to astronauts to recreations of classic paintings like American Gothic and Renaissance works, you’ll be able to create a memory that will make you smile every time you see it.

This is important because, as humans, we are often susceptible to something psychologists call the “negativity bias.” Simply put, our brains are hardwired to remember bad times far more easily than good times. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always treat us kindly. When you create a memory of your pet that makes you smile or makes you laugh, it helps make it much more likely that you’ll remember only the good, happy times with them. 

We love pet canvas prints because they really are a masterpiece, one that not very many people can say that they have. Everyone who comes into the home will love it, and they will probably be talking about it long after they leave. There’s nothing quite like having something that unique in your home; it fills you with a very real sense of pride. It’s even better when that features your furry family member front and center.



#2) Shadow Boxes

Another great way to memorialize your pet is with a shadow box. Instead of a traditional picture, shadow boxes allow you to be able to display not only a portrait of your pet but also other objects that are important to them.

Shadow boxes are designed to be displayed on a table or a special shelf, as they can be tricky to hang on a wall. They are usually made out of wood, with a glass front, and are a few inches deep to allow for bigger items. Shadow boxes make great photo displays to memorialize pets that have passed away because they allow you to add not only pictures of their sweet face but also favorite toys, their collar, and more. Anyone who has lost a pet will tell you that those things are just as important as pictures and let you display a more complete, well-rounded idea of your pet’s personality. 

Anyone who has lost a pet can tell you that the grieving process is very similar to the one you go through when losing a human friend or family member. It is just as difficult and can sometimes make you feel like you’re alone in your sadness. Taking the time to create a shadow box, and displaying it in a prominent, important place in your home, is a helpful way to start the healing process and find a way to cope with your loss

#3) Blankets

Definitely one of the least traditional and most unique ways to proudly display the love you have for your pet is by having them memorialized in blanket form. 

In addition, being able to cuddle up under a warm, cozy blanket with your pet’s likeness on it is a great form of self-care. With so much stress and drama going on in the world, focusing on taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Self-care may seem like a trendy word, but the general concept allows you to be able to take a step back and be better to yourself. This, in turn, helps you to be able to take care of the people around you better as well. When you spend a quiet evening on the couch, watching a movie, with your pet snuggled up next to you under a blanket, it may be just what you need to be able to recenter and relax.

Custom blankets are created in the same way that custom pet canvases are made. You’ll be able to select any one of more than a hundred different costumes, from the silly to the serious, so that you can create exactly the mood that you want and make sure it matches your home’s decor. All portraits are hand-designed and created with ink meant to never fade, even in the wash. They are warm, comfortable, and meant for cuddling. Why wouldn’t you want to want to honor your fuzzy pet with a fuzzy blanket (don’t worry, your pet doesn’t have to be fuzzy to be featured on their own blanket!).

#4) Coffee Mugs

For people who prioritize their caffeine over most other things in the morning, their coffee mugs are often one of the most important possessions they own. That creates an opportunity for another photo display idea, one that is functional as well as thoughtful. 

If you have a way to display your coffee mugs instead of having to stick them up in a cabinet, you should think about having your pet featured on one (or more) or them! When you choose to create a coffee mug with the likeness of your pet’s sweet, perfect face on it, you can easily show them off without it looking like you’re bragging (too much, anyway). Coffee mugs are also great conversation starters, especially if you bring them to work with you. 

One of the best parts about coffee mugs is that you can get as many as you like without feeling guilty. You’ll always have a way to serve guests coffee and humblebrag about your adorable pets at the same time. 

#5) String Lights

One last unique and creative photo display idea includes something that is often only thought of during one month out of the year… string lights! These lights don’t have to just be used around the holiday season; they also make for a great way to really bring your memories to life. 

All you need to do is to grab a string of lights, in whatever color matches your home’s design scheme, and a few clothespins. Choose a few of your favorite pictures of your friends, family, pets, or children, as well. Then just hang the string lights on the wall, and use the clothespins to clip the pictures to the lights. It sets a mood and shows off important people and moments in your life in a fun, different way. You can even easily change out the lights and the pictures without having to struggle with frames. It really is adorable.



In Conclusion…

Crown & Paw is a company that was built on helping create unique, custom memories of your beloved pet. We’d be honored if you let us help you memorialize your pet, even if you’re doing it while they’re still with you. Creating unique photo displays is one of our favorite things, and we’d love to show you what we can do. Your pet is special and unique, so why display your love for them in a traditional way? 


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