Sympathy Gift For Loss of Pet: How to memorialize them forever

Pet blanket

As much as we love and care about our pets, and as quickly as they become family and constant companions, we all know the inevitable truth—it is far more likely that we will outlive our pets than having them outlive us. When we bring an animal into our lives, we love them fully, knowing that we will lose them. That’s part of what makes the human-animal bond so special, and Crown & Paw understands that. 

When it comes to giving a sympathy gift to help memorialize the loss of a pet, follow a few tips so that you can honor and celebrate their life and the uniquely shaped in their owner’s life that they leave behind.

Is Grieving For A Pet Any Different Than Losing A Person?

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you’ll likely understand that it can be far more difficult to explain your feelings than if you’ve ever lost a human loved on. Unfortunately, this is often because people who don’t own pets don’t really understand the special bond that the two of you had. 

In truth, there really is no discernible difference between the grief people feel when losing a pet versus losing a human. It really depends on how close the relationship was, in either case. However, many people feel like they can’t express all of the sadness they feel when their pet dies, which is incredibly unfortunate. The pain is the same, as is the grieving process. 

That’s why purchasing a sympathy gift for the person in your life who has recently lost a pet is more than just a gesture of kindness. It’s showing that person that you really understand and honor the fact that they lost an important part of their life and letting them know that they have your support during their difficult time. 

When it comes to helping honor the grieving process, while flowers may be a traditional option, it isn’t one that we’d recommend. Flowers need water and care to continue to stay open, which can feel like just one more thing that your loved one needs to worry about. Memorialize their pet in a different way, one that will last forever without such immediate needs.



Custom Pet Portraits

When it comes to purchasing a sympathy gift to help honor the unique relationship that they had with their pet, there is no better option than having a custom pet portrait created. 

During a time that is filled with pain and darkness, presenting your loved one with a pet portrait that features their pet prominently wearing any of a wide variety of outfits brings a lightness and levity that they probably haven’t experienced in a while. 

Finding the perfect option that showcases their pet in an outfit that represents their unique personality will make them smile, and being able to hang that portrait on the wall for years to come will help them to remember them fondly. Whether it's a cat portrait or a different pet, 

In addition, when many people go through the grieving process with their pet, they feel drawn to creating some sort of memorial space in their home to honor their pet. For some, it’s a special place they create in a tucked away nook. For others, it’s a prominent spot on the mantle over their fireplace. Custom pet portraits make a great centerpiece, no matter where it’s located. 


Another great sympathy gift that you can give to any pet owner is the gift of their pet’s pawprint. While this is something that you can only do if you’re physically around when the pet passes away, having the peace of mind to ask for a pawprint is one of the kindest things you can do for any grieving pet owner.

Most veterinarians will make these pawprints free of charge for anyone who has lost a pet. Unfortunately, when you’re the one losing a pet, and you’re caught up in the pain and emotion of the moment, it’s just not something that crosses your mind. That’s where you come in. Having that pawprint as a physical reminder that their pet was on this Earth at some point will give your loved one peace and solace when things get difficult. 

Also, when you have that pawprint, you can choose to turn into a variety of other sympathy gifts that your loved one will appreciate. From pawprint necklaces, lockets, and rings to Christmas ornaments, sympathy gifts that you have created that honors their pet with a recreation of their actual pawprint will always be appreciated.

Custom Pet Throw Pillows

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you likely know that it’s their physical absence from your life that really stands out the most. The sound of their collar jingling in the kitchen or their toenails on your hardwood floor leaves a huge hole in your life, and the inability to touch, pet, and hold them is one of the things that hurts the most. 

A great way to help your loved one contend with this hollow, empty feeling is by giving them a custom pet throw pillow. While this is definitely not a traditional sympathy gift, it allows them to have a physical object with their pet’s face on it that they can hold and squeeze when they are really feeling their loss. They can sleep with it and lounge with it on the couch. It will give them a little bit of solace from the darkness that can overtake them during the grieving process. 

Even once the grieving process is in its final stages and the pain stops being as raw, the throw pillow will make them smile and give them a comfortable, safe place to rest their head for years to come. It really does memorialize their late pet in a unique way that will give them endless amounts of comfort.

Plant A Memorial Tree

For those pet owners that always spent time outside with their pets, no matter the season, consider planting a memorial tree to honor their loss. 

Not only is planting a tree a great thing to do for the environment in general, it really helps to memorialize a pet that has passed away in a way that can provide comfort for many years and generations to come. 

With a memorial tree, the pet owner can have a physical place that they can go to grieve or just to spend time alone with their memories of their late pet. Some people choose to bury their ashes with the tree as well so that their pet really becomes part of it as it grows. 

When the tree flowers in the spring, it will help remind them that everything grows, renews, and changes. Pain, just like everything else in life, comes and goes. Memories are forever, and giving them a place to honor that is one of the best ways to honor the bond they had with their pet in a physical way. 

Other Things You Can Do

In addition to buying a sympathy gift, there are other things that you can do to help your loved one grieve their pet that don’t have to cost any money at all. 

One of the most important things that you can do for anyone who is experiencing a loss is to just be there for them. Letting them know that you are available for anything that they may need and just listening to them when they need to talk or cry is often underrated. People who are grieving really just need someone to lean on and that they know they can go to when they need to get everything out without the fear of judgement. It really is a gift. 

In addition, if someone has recently lost their pet, they probably also feel lost themselves. The disruption in their daily routine, the hole in their life, and their home feels massive and insurmountable. Many times, people who are in the middle of the grieving process don’t reach out for help; they simply suffer alone, in silence. 

Bring them a meal, offer to go for a walk with them or take them out to coffee, or just drop by to sit quietly with them or clean their kitchen. Even though they didn’t ask for it, they’ll appreciate not having to go it alone.



In Summary…

Grieving a pet is one of the hardest losses most people experience, often because they don’t feel as comfortable talking about it as people do after losing a human loved one. 

Giving them a sympathy gift, one that shows them that you appreciate the special bond that they shared that can never be replaced, allows them that space to feel like they can open up and talk about how they feel. It also gives them a gift that will allow them to look back and think of their pet fondly. Crown & Paw would be honored to help memorialize their pet so that they can keep those memories for years and years to come.