What To Gift a Dog Owner: Why Custom Gifts Matter

Dog and owner playing

Dog owners really are a special breed of human. We love our pets unconditionally and often talk about them to other people non-stop (even if they don’t want to hear about them). 

When it comes to giving a gift to any of the dog owners in your life, you don’t want to give them the same tired thing that everyone else is always giving them. Crown & Paw is here to help you find the best custom gifts for any dog lover in your life, no matter the occasion.

Custom Gift Ideas For Dog Moms

The first category of dog owner to talk about is the “dog mom.” You likely know the type… many of them have small, cutesy dogs that they can carry around in their purse. They often involve their dogs in many of their fitness routines and can be found walking their dog around the block no matter the weather. They usually look at their dogs like they’re children and treat them just as well.

Personalized Mugs

Dog moms are often the same type of people who enjoy a good cup of coffee. If you want to really impress them, get them a custom coffee mug with a picture of their beloved pup on it. Every morning when they are drinking their coffee, they can look at their mug with an adorable picture of their dog on it and smile. 

You could also give them a bag or two of locally roasted coffee beans to go with their new coffee mug. Gift it to them in a cute gift basket that you put together yourself, with other small products you know that they’ll like, and they’ll be impressed with all the thought that you put into their custom gift.



Matching Sweaters

Another fun custom gift idea for any dog mom is matching sweaters for them and their pet. This works no matter how big (or small) their pet is, and they can be created to match any color scheme or patterns that they’re into. They’ll love walking their precious pet, especially in the colder weather, wearing their matching sweaters. If you want to take it to that extra level, have the sweaters embroidered with their names! 

Doggie Jewelry

A final gift idea for dog moms is jewelry. Who doesn’t love getting jewelry on a special occasion? There are plenty of different options out there that allow people to create jewelry that can match with their pet, like bracelets or necklaces that pair with a charm for their pet’s collar. It will definitely be a pleasant surprise for any dog mom in your life, and you’ll be the hit of the party.

Custom Gift Ideas For Dog Dads

Dog dads, on the other hand, are a different breed entirely (pun intended). Many dog dads love to bring their dogs everywhere with them— to the bank, out on a hike (staying active is important for both owner and pet), to their friend’s house, and more. Their dog is more than just a furry family member; they are very best friends. Dog dads treat them just like they deserve.

Personalized Pint Glass

For these types of dog dads, even though custom coffee mugs are just as great of an idea (who doesn’t love coffee?), they might appreciate a custom pint glass even more! There are many places where you can get the pint glass etched with their pet’s name or face and give it to them with a six-pack of their favorite beer. They’ll love showing off their dog when they’re getting together with the guys to have a few.

Dog T-Shirts

Many dog dads also love a good t-shirt. For their special occasion, consider getting them a t-shirt with either their dog on it or the specific breed of dog. They’ll happily wear their t-shirt over and over and think of you and how thoughtful your gift was every time they put it on. If you really want to go all out, get their dog a matching t-shirt!  

Custom Gift Ideas For Anyone

One of the best custom gift ideas for anyone is a pet portrait. Pet portraits are the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. These portraits take a picture of your loved one’s beloved pet, preferably a close-up from the front, and turn it into a piece of artwork that they’ll love hanging on their walls for years to come.

The best part of these pet portraits is that they can be customized in literally hundreds of ways.  It’s likely that you’ll be a style for anything that the person you’re gifting is into, so that you can create a painting to will celebrate it. They also allow you to give a gift that no one else will be giving, so that you can watch their eyes light up with joy and excitement as they peel the wrapping people off their brand new wall art. 

Another custom gift that is great for any pet lover is a custom phone case that features a picture of their pet dressed up as a character from their favorite time period or hobby. Every time they take their phone out, they’ll smile and think not only of their pet but also of how much thought you put into their gift. It’s much easier to create a custom phone case than most people think, as well! All you need to do is upload a photo of their pet and let Crown & Paw do the rest. 

If phone cases or hanging wall art don’t sound like your giftee’s cup of tea, we also make a variety of cozy gifts that everyone will appreciate, like blankets and throw pillows. Everyone loves a cozy evening spent on the couch, cuddled up with their pet and a good movie. 

Don’t Forget The Pets!

While it’s great to find the perfect custom gift for the dog lover in your life, sometimes that gift is better when it’s directed at their dog! 

Some people are uncomfortable getting gifts. For them, the idea of having to sit in front of a group of people and open presents is more terrifying than exciting. This year, give them the gift of not having to do that by giving a gift to their pet instead! Save them the awkwardness.

Gifts for dogs are just as customizable as gifts for their owners. When picking out a gift for a pet, start by taking a look at their personality. For active dogs, gifts like tennis balls or gear that can make going for a hike or on a camping trip are an excellent choice. 

Dogs who would prefer to be at home, close to their owners, would appreciate a comfortable dog bed or even a cozy dog sweater to keep them warm in the cold weather. Toys and treats (provided you know if they have any allergies or not) are always good options as well, as are subscription boxes that give both the dog and their owner a monthly surprise. 



The Importance Of Custom Gifts

We all know that it’s really the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. A gift that is given with love and with thought behind it really is the best gift that you can give. Custom gifts say that you care more than anything picked up last minute. 

But remember, the real point of a gift is not the financial value but the appreciation for the person that the gift represents. In almost every case, we don’t buy gifts for people who are not important to us. We buy gifts for the people we love and cherish to show them that we’re thinking about them and that we care about them. Don’t focus so much on the monetary value of the gift, but the enjoyment that they’ll get out of it. That’s what really matters.

If you love someone, you don’t have to wait for a big occasion to give them a gift, either. Show them how much you love them randomly during the year, or use one of the wacky and obscure holidays that exist as an excuse to surprise them. Life is short, don’t wait until a holiday to tell people you love them. Although celebrating National Bloody Mary Day does sound like a great idea!

In Summary…

When you need to give a gift to the person in your life whose dog is the center of their life, consider giving a custom gift. Take a close look at exactly who that person is and what they’re into before going out to buy a gift. Crown & Paw is happy to provide a wide variety of different custom gift options that are sure to please any dog lover. We know your giftee will be absolutely thrilled, not only at the gift but also at the amount of thought that you put behind it.