About Us

Crown & Paw is a fun-loving custom pet goods brand dedicated to helping pet owners express their love, adoration, and sometimes even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets.

We curate authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and combine them with pets of all shapes and sizes. We also create a range of more modern pet portrait styles, such as line art illustration, watercolor and cartoon and vector pet art.
You upload a photo, and our incredibly talented team of artists will do the rest.

Your Crown & Paw portrait will be expertly crafted by one of our dedicated professional artists, and will feature all of the hallmarks of a signature Renaissance style masterpiece.

We're very proud of the 'wow factor' that our pet art can often evoke, and we love to hear from customers about the reactions of their friends, family and social media followers.

All of our prints are completely unique to you and aren't available anywhere else in the world. Our artists are trained to capture your pet's unique characteristics and facial features, and to express their personality in the finished portrait.

We're really inspired by the love you have for your pets and we love to see you sharing your Crown & Paw art on social media. You are the reason we do this.

Your stories mean the absolute world to us.

We also commit to animal welfare reform. To date we have donated over $250,000 to charities around the world. We are firmly committed to Humane Society International's work to end the dog meat trade in South Korea. Since 2020 we have supported their work and are delighted to see real legislative change taking place in South Korea, with dog meat trade reforms beginning to take place.

Crown & Paw began as a passion project. My partner and I were visiting Europe. We spent a rainy weekend in Amsterdam, riding bicycles down the picturesque canals, eating tasty waffles and pancakes, and visiting some of the most beautiful art galleries in the world, such as the Stedelijk and the Rijksmuseum.

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